Much is said about the Tarot: learn some "facts" that are not entirely true in the following article.

As an alternative experience, even with an artistic and lyrical tinge, the Tarot, throughout its history and evolution, has received some very imprecise and positive attributions about its function or its scope.

Because of its long history and the number of different people involved in learning this type of divination arts, the Tarot is deposited in a place in the imaginary collective where the "esoteric" and the "paranormal" could define this process of inner discovery that provides so much information.

Many historical characters, protagonists of myths and legends, are linked to the Tarot. A clear example can be reflected in Napoleon: according to a legend, the French General, before making an advance in a battle, called a trusted Tarot reader among his lines and consulted her about his future movement.

This type of myths and barriers, harm the veracity of a Tarot reading. The interpretation of the reading of the cards helps us to know ourselves, giving us the opportunity to evolve as people.


Get to know the myths that revolve around Tarot

"The fear of negative cards appearing in the Tarot deck."

To think that there are negative or positive cards is something very subjective and erroneous from the point of view of Tarot reading. 

It is possible to find generalized definitions of a card in the deck, but the interpretation will be personal and proper to the individual who performs the reading.

This interpretation will have a meaning directly linked to the question asked before the reading.

We must remember that before a Tarot reading, a small preliminary interview must be made with the person who wishes to consult about something.

The mix of the deck and the position in which each card is presented, will determine one or another interpretation as appropriate. 


"Face-to-Face vs Online"

Many people believe that performing an in-person Tarot spread will be more accurate or real than performing it online or remotely.

It turns out that the randomness and interpretation of the oracle will manifest in the same way, whether performing the spread with the person next to you or performing a telephone or internet consultation.

The key for the Tarot to be a clear tool for discovering profound information lies in the information provided by the person who wishes to find out about his or her future or about a particular question. The format in which the reading of the cards is done is indistinct. We have to be sincere when approaching this millenary practice.


"The answers obtained are not to my liking"

At the moment of consulting the oracle we must deposit part of our energy in the deck. By mixing and making the previous survey of your history, your past and why you are consulting the Tarot, we are influencing the potential interpretations and answers.

Obviously, the question or questions to be asked will be the key to be able to make an interpretation aligned with the doubts and queries to be materialized.

The answers obtained in the Tarot are exclusive to the person and his or her doubts. Throwing the cards again once the interpretation is finished will not be of any use and will not be valid, since the person who performs the interpretation will be biased.

We must moderate our expectations about the information given to us by the Tarot reading. We must accept and understand our life destiny.


"Someone can take my place if I am afraid of the Tarot"

If you are not sure about consulting the Tarot you will not be able to access this type of practice. Sending someone else in your place will not help you at all, the answers will be badly influenced. It is necessary that you intervene personally, in the mixing of the cards, in all the previous questions asked by the Oracle in charge of the Tarot reading.

In addition, personal questions usually have an emotional tinge and a deep connection with our inner being, giving an exclusive character to the information that emerges from the consultation.


"Extreme care should be taken when consulting the Tarot."

Nothing bad will happen during the Tarot reading. We will not feel any kind of health problem, nor will it be physically demanding.

There is no prior care necessary to perform a consultation. We should simply try to calm our nerves, try to really connect with this type of millenary practice that will help us to open doors and unlock paths that we did not know.

The light generated in the Tarot interpretation will be key to make decisions and advance in our personal evolution.

The cards show us "tendencies", a kind of "weather forecast" of our life. We probably have a previous notion of the interpretation or answer that may appear when we consult the Tarot. Perhaps, in reality, an interpretation of the cards will appear that surprises us, providing us with a different and differentiated way of analyzing the question asked to the Oracle.

The cards do not establish a perpetuity on the answer obtained. We will always be able to reverse any scenario or situation that comes up in life with patience, love and respect for the processes of change and constructive evolution that we desire in our lives.

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