What influences will this new full moon bring us? Know its name and how this full moon will boost our energies in November.

A New Full Moon will be imprinted in the skies of the world: in this case we are in the presence of the so-called "Beaver Moon".

This is the name given to this moon by the native communities of North America. November was the month selected by hunters to try to find beavers before the lakes froze.

This name is also known for the preparation of these animals before the beginning of the winter season.

This November Full Moon is also known as the "Frozen Moon" because of the reflection this moon generates in the frozen water mirrors in the global north.

This coming November 8th, 2022 from different times we will be able to observe the Moon. From 8:02am in Argentina; 6:02am in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador; 12:02pm in Spain; 5:02pm in Mexico; and at 7:02pm for New York and Miami, the total lunar eclipse will take place.


The meaning of a lunar eclipse

On Tuesday, November 8, a total lunar eclipse will manifest with the Full Moon. This type of scenario will overwhelm us if we are about to make a decision. A closing of stages, releasing the past, verifying that the truth is in front of each one of us.

It is time to stop hiding, hiding, feeding fears and "shadows" of our inner self.
These lunar eclipses are seen on the planet Earth casting its shadow on the Moon, which is why its energy is so powerful and reaches the depths of our personality.

From astrology it is considered that eclipses affect certain points of the emotions which is considered the opposite of the same.
Everything that seems to deepen or affect, will be the necessary opportunity to evolve and take a leap of hope towards the change we need today to feel better.


Lunar eclipse of November 2022 in the house of Taurus

This lunar eclipse will be incident in the house of Taurus and in the house of Scorpio. This will be perceived as Saturn and Uranus will also be close to Leo and Aquarius, making a quite important combination in the deepest personal aspects.

Remembering that Taurus represents a clear connection with the Earth and its ruler Venus in this case influenced with the lunar eclipse, will present some aspect in the economic plane, in investments, personal property or real estate.
We will also feel that with the eclipse some emotions will try to emerge to the surface, we will feel that the vocal cords or throat will be more active than ever.  

How the Full Moon will affect Zodiac Signs

Many times we are guided by an ideal of success that does not coincide with what we think it is. We live all the time trying to find the cherry on the cake to complete our projects and ideas and we feel that it is impossible to achieve it. We believe that we achieve fulfillment with great material goods, with the recognition of other people and so we divert the focus of our victories, making success seem increasingly unattainable, has it happened to you? 

Cheer up! The victories we have reaped, even if they are not great, make us successful. By focusing on those smaller, simpler accomplishments in life, we can see things in perspective and give our progress another place. Making a new contact, letting go to express our emotions and feelings, doing something we have never done before and venturing to do it, trying something new, these are successes. Be aware that you have been able to achieve it!


If some joint pains occur, it is necessary not to hold back anger and to relax in moments of anger. Pains in the joints often indicate our need to move forward and our frustrations, for they somehow absorb the blows of our gait. The joints are the place where all our inflexibilities become evident. Pay attention to the stiffness of your thinking, for your body may be taking its toll on you.

It is a good time to save and plan the administration of resources and the consequent enjoyment of a well-deserved vacation. Your initiative with small projects begins to pay off. Remain constant so as not to let your spirits drop. Good times will come, but do not despair if sometimes things do not happen as expected. The roads are always winding and at certain times you have to know how to surf the waves where there are peaks with good income and peaks with many unexpected expenses.

The Sun, star that enables us life, today is shining more brightly than ever. It has a message to give us and powers its energy so that we can hear it. Allow yourself to listen and open yourself to understand the messages the stars have to give us. Each one of us is like a star shining in the vast sky. Each one of us has the capacity to illuminate someone, to give warmth, to shelter and to be part of a complex and dynamic group where multiple forms of life live. Become aware of your strength and importance, and decide to shine!


We raise our heads and see up there far away in space thousands of stars twinkling incessantly. There are thousands of them, and even if we wanted to try, we would not be able to count even a tenth of the stars that exist. But there is one that immediately occupies our attention, and without realizing why, we return to it again and again. Pay attention to this impulsive action, not mediated by reason. It is your instinct, it is your most animal being showing you what or who is special to you. This happens to us when we think of a special person, an activity, a dream, a project. There is a desire that comes from deep inside and we can't get the attention from there. Listen to your inner self, and follow these wise impulses, you will find the way to be happy and shine.

In every family there are assigned roles. It often happens that we do not choose these roles, which are given naturally or imposed on us from an early age. This is the time to rethink your role in the family nucleus and consciously choose how you decide to relate to each person in your small or large family. Understand that we are all capable of shining and that there is a moment when we must together enhance the brilliance of one, and then change this role, and accompany someone else. And of course, we must also have our moment! By joining forces we can go further. Use your family as a boost upwards and turn on your light!

Encourage yourself to shine in what you are good at, what you want to excel in. Whether it's in a job, in a project, at home, in your day-to-day activity. Start your engines and give the best of you, stand out. Do not hold back your potential for fear of exposure or the disapproval of others.

You have within you the strength and ability to excel and grow without limits, and this life is your time to act. Get on stage and display your best work, you will see that soon you will begin to fill you with joy and well-being, feeling that what you do, you do it giving all of you.

If something has not gone as you expected, do not feel defeated. Believe it or not, we must be grateful for the things that happen to us. So relax and surrender to grace. We may find the verb surrender uncomfortable, right? But that has nothing to do with being defeated, what it has to do with is the way we look at the events that happen to us. In other words, there really are no good or bad events, it's just our way of perceiving events.

How about giving yourself the opportunity to change your perception? A new perspective will give you new airs, you will get rid of heavy burdens. Just accept things as they are and free yourself from those thoughts that make you feel like a victim. We must keep a positive attitude, it doesn't matter if life has scored a couple of goals, it is important to get up and continue. It is necessary to change your approach and give yourself permission to be gentler with yourself.


What's all this change about? Take things calmly, probably the new will be strange and generate distrust at first. It is not about making extreme changes, but to assume a more observant attitude towards things that happen, how you feel, what you think.

Because therein lies the difference. The key is to stop judging ourselves and give ourselves permission to do things differently. Signals do not come in the form of lightning, life has a more subtle language, pay attention and flow with the whole.

There is no magic formula to know if relationships are going to work. Sometimes it's a matter of attitude, when you feel like it, you do your best. But let's avoid the commonplace. It's time to ask ourselves: Are we afraid to sincerely connect with each other? This is where we must do the exercise of stepping out of our daily posture and look with another perspective. We like to be right, we like to make the other person believe they are wrong and we enjoy it when we have the last word. But this is our ego speaking for ourselves.
The right way should be to act from love. Even though you may be angry with your special someone, if you have one, don't let a misspoken word tarnish the possibility of building a healthy bond, based on mutual understanding, respect and trust.

Our body is our great altar. We just need to start being more aware of it. Without our body we are nothing. Many times we forget to take care of ourselves, to eat healthily, to train ourselves, without remembering that we only have one body for the whole journey we make throughout our life. Take at least five minutes of your day to think of an action of care and registration towards your body. This exercise will bring you long-term benefits.

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