What influences will this new full moon bring us? Know its name and how this full moon will boost our energies in September.

The Harvest Moon

This is the name given to the next full moon, which will be at its peak on September 10. This moon will be close to the autumnal equinox and coincides with the celebrations of the Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, which is celebrated in China and several Asian countries.

The origin of the name Harvest Moon happens to be one of the most popular full moons of the year. This is the name given to the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox (to occur on September 23).

This name, initially used by North American, Anglo-Saxon and Germanic natives, defines the time of the lunar calendar suitable for harvesting the crop, before the autumn frosts.


What is special about the September full moon?

We will probably have the possibility of observing the full moon until September 12nd. Let's remember that we will be able to observe the moon better from a dark sky, far from the visual and light pollution of the city.
We will have the opportunity to see the Moon close to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, this manifestation of bodies so close is called a conjunction. It is called this way to the approach of two or more celestial objects, in its potential orbit through the system. It is common to observe conjunctions between the Moon and other planets, in this case Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.
On September 8th the Moon will meet Saturn in the constellation of Capricorn. Then on the 11th the Moon-Jupiter conjunction will take place. In this case the objects will be in the constellation Pisces and the Moon will be almost fully illuminated. When the full cycle of the full Moon is completed, by September 17th there will be the Moon-Mars conjunction in the constellation Taurus.


This moon transits through the energies of Pisces, the sign of aquatic representation. Compatibility will be with water signs like Cancer and Scorpio, but will help the energies of earth signs like Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo.

In particular this Full Moon will influence Virgo, a sign with an incredible capacity for change, as well as Pisces. Both zodiac signs will benefit from the positive influence of the September Moon in Pisces.

You will be able to feel confident and inspired to materialize plans. To materialize ideas and desires.

On the other hand, for the air signs Gemini, Aquarius and Libra and fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the Full Moon will not be accompanying them in the same way. Some aspects of your life will be put to the test and with some emotional stress.



Your health must be listened to as a priority. Surely you have other plans in mind, from financial, to giving priority to some future plan to feel more at ease. The reality is that overwork disconnects you from your inner self. You must take the initiative presented by the full moon to heal everything that causes you pain.


This Taurus energy attentive to detail and balanced order of life, will be influenced by your transit. Although at times not everything will go as planned, this lunar energy can achieve the harvest of those you do with dedication and patience. All the hard work you have done will pay off.


This Full Moon in Pisces will activate your sense of growth and bonding with your environment. Teamwork with work colleagues, academics or even your family can help you deepen your relationship. Your level of involvement is balanced by moments where any conflict situation can make a non-existent problem grow. Trust people.


During this Full Moon in Pisces, you will see your goals getting closer. You are getting closer to the destination that you programmed with so much hard work and dedication. Re-make a list of priorities in your life that will help you determine where you stand in life.


After your special month, this full moon can help you surround yourself again with your closest friends. Your social circle will be very active and you will be invited to socialize in different places. If you have no way to materialize these desires because your economy prevents you from doing so, don't worry. Your financial path will soon be balanced. You should not be bitter about this, you should be grateful for all that you achieved with your effort.



You must give priority to your mental health, stress can make you very bad in life. Your bonds have the power to help you heal. Take trips, materialize moments to be happy. During the full moon meet with your loved ones and maintain a fluid dialogue for the next few days.


Try to release your repressed emotions. Stop forcing situations that are bad for you. The full Moon in Pisces in September will help you to release all that you have inside you.

To feel in fullness you must communicate and externalize what you feel necessary to transmit to your environment.


The Full Moon in Pisces deposits transformative hope. Business opportunities appear and improve your economy.

An arrival of someone, a stroke of luck that will help you to have the ability to inspire confidence among partners and your groups of friends. Your moment of glory shines again.


Your great flexibility and open-mindedness to change requires renewed energy. The Full Moon will allow you to make a transition. A leap of confidence you've been waiting for..



Rest. Disconnection with your work environment. Your head needs to focus on your individual self. Particularly with your health. Exercise or a daily routine as a hobby will help you balance energies during the Full Moon. Don't overdo it, remember that rest is necessary to perform better.


Internal struggles continue to give you a point of balance between your personal life and work. Many times you sacrifice time and quality of life for your income. You should try to think what is more convenient but you must also give place to your heart and feelings, channeling your deepest desires. Perhaps you should change jobs or clients.


The Full Moon in September will be under your sign: it is time to shuffle and give again to focus on your future projects. Your personal life, work and everything that nurtures your adventurous spirit.

Your goals are very clear, now you must take the initiative with your decision.

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