October has arrived and the stars will be the necessary guide to enjoy the influences of the universe on your life to the fullest. Here we tell you everything you need to know, sign by sign!

October will be a period of self-knowledge and reconnection with the powerful inner aspects, which are currently somewhat blurred. Pluto enters Capricorn on the 3rd and enables these processes, on the 23rd the Sun does the same in Scorpio, and despite the usual intensity of the sign, allows the exploration of deep fears. On the 31st Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio, increasing the possibility of connecting with the depth of our affectivity. How will this affect your life?

What will October bring for FIRE signs?

Aries: Aries is not always clear about their goals, so stopping to think can only bring benefits. They should be careful about squandering money, as this month will not be very productive at the beginning. With good management you should have no problems, since without the instability of Uranus that you have suffered since March, you should make progress if you control your impulsivity. On the 5th and 6th there will be an adverse moon so take normal precautions, and on October 13th you will have a positive moon, you can start projects! Towards the end of the month income increases, and good news. There should be no conflict with affections if you control your words. Do not be hurtful, you will not feel good.


Leo: Leo is the sign that you will rarely see defeated, it is always reborn, it is intelligent, noble and strong. It represents the overcoming, has varied talents but perhaps his main gift is empathy. Jupiter supports it from harmonic Sagittarius, so the positive influence continues until December. On the 3rd there is a favorable moon, on October 13 the harmonic Moon will increase prosperity and decrease health difficulties. Until the 7th intense social relations, new friends. From the 8th someone gets irritated with you, be patient and it will pass. Attention to contracts, read the fine print, possible difficulties in the last 15 days of the month.

Sagittarius: This sign always thinks it is invincible and thinks it can overcome all difficulties, which is very dangerous. And when it is exhausted, it becomes erratic and fragile. They must learn to take care of themselves and to take themselves into account. Until October 7 the stars protect your emotional life, the economic aspect is balanced. On the 11th there may be conflict in friendly relationships. On the 15th you may be rewarded for a task well done. The 23rd is good for love and on the 30th there may be positive news and decisions.

What will October bring for EARTH signs?

Taurus: Taurus has a hard time with changes, it is a very responsible sign and a little distrustful. It is governed by rules and respects them, and enjoys the pleasures of life. Saturn is the one who gives him satisfaction this year and helps him to overcome difficulties and until February 2020 he will be in harmony with Taurus. On the 13th stay away from quarrels. On the 15th the Moon is in Taurus, which is very auspicious. On October 28 there is a conflicting lunation that can affect you economically, you should avoid ambiguous and/or confusing situations in all aspects for 48 hours before and after the Moon..


Virgo: It is an ambitious sign, very critical, logical and a little phobic. Your thinking (always analytical) and action, are firmly united and are firm and immovable. Beware of Jupiter that can continue to interfere slightly in business, do not get distracted. Saturn continues to be positive and facilitating meetings. From October 8 Venus favorable to unions, being in Scorpio increases the amorous activity of Virgo. From the 4th it is favorable time for contracts and partnerships. On the 31st there are positive developments.

Capricorn: It is enterprising and persistent, does not know how to delegate, sometimes they isolate themselves and do not allow to approach them. This year under the influence of the Second House that governs the economic progress, the profit, the gains, they will be able to pay off debts and to increase the patrimony. Saturn will be all year in the sign, it also boosts material gains. The presence of Venus, Mars and the Sun in harmony also coincides. From the 8th until the end of the month, affective and family life will be favored. Be careful on the 19th and 20th, some disharmony in the couple..

What will October bring for AIR signs?

Gemini: This year will mark a noticeable advance towards prosperity for Gemini. Sometimes they get scattered and lose sight of the objective, they should not be careless and follow firmly towards the proposed goal. Until October 7, the passage of Venus through Libra, would influence increasing harmony in relationships. The month of October is very positive to take care of health, if there are pending medical interventions or treatments, this is the ideal time, until the 22nd. On the 24th money comes in, if you have any debt it is time to pay it. On the 26th and 27th the Moon in Libra favors the understanding in the couple.


Libra: Libra is always blazing trails and exploring paths, nothing is definite for them. They are not very practical, and that would sometimes diminish their efficiency, of which they are proud. Their cordiality and charisma are always with them. Venus goes through until October 17 and favors the emotional life, the Moon brings good business on the 22nd. The Sun goes through it until the 22nd and makes it shine in various facets. From October 4 they have Mars in the sign and will bring welfare but can sometimes bring some confusion. On the 26th and 27th they have the Moon in Libra, attention to the inner life, silence, harmony and affections.

Aquarius: This sign continues the good streak by the harmony of the planetary structure in your sign. Put your faith in those people who will guide your future emotions. Your happiness depends on you, but also on your positive intentions towards attracting events and good fortune into your world. Your inner self requires you to develop trust in others: you must delegate. From this month there is a takeoff in the economic aspect; material dreams begin to materialize, between September and November there is an important job growth. If there are relocations or moves, it is better to make them after the 15th. On the 27th be clear and affectionate when expressing your feelings because misunderstandings may arise. A good month, if you are well predisposed.

What will October bring for WATER signs?

Cancer: A sign that is not easy to decipher, but it is worth it. They are discreet and cautious, sensitive, and very rooted in affection. This year can be a time of breaking old patterns for Cancer, as well as remarkable growth. On October 28 you will have a very favorable Moon, propitious to increase your profits and make your social life more rewarding. From the 8th, thanks to the Sun and Mercury, obstacles are cleared and good moments are prepared, seduction increases, also in the monetary aspect they are favored from the 3rd.

Scorpio: Scorpio continues with a favorable wind, since the end of July that goes through a positive period, which will last until the end of October. Harmonic Jupiter stabilizes him and the Twelfth House stimulates his creativity and spirituality, fantasy and imagination. Mercury will be in the sign from October 3 until December, helping a lot in the realization of studies, finances, contracts and work improvements. Venus goes through the sign from October 8 to 31, fiery moments and harmony in relationships. The Sun enters the sign on October 23 and helps you to complete the incomplete, and face difficulties with greater possibility of success. Attention on the 8th, you will have an adverse moon from which you should be careful 24 hours before and after.


Pisces: Pisces your self-demand is so high that at times you forget to come up for air out of your depths. Connect with a trip that allows you to revive that energy of discovery and happiness that you have when you travel through new energies. This month there will be new affective opportunities, friendships and couples will have possibilities of happy moments, the harmony of Mercury, Venus and the Sun will make it possible. From the 3rd of October prosperity increases. On the 10th you have the Moon in Pisces, on the 28th there are some changes and a project takes shape.

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