If you are one of those who doubt a lot when choosing what clothes you are going to wear on each occasion, this is a note for you. We do not know if it will dispel your doubts, but you will have some tips to keep in mind according to your Zodiac sign

When choosing our wardrobe, deciding how to dress to go to work or to attend a party, many times we hesitate to make our choice. We do not always know what favors us. If we know how to orientate ourselves according to our height, our silhouette, complexion or hair color, but sometimes we do not define our style. Here we will try, as a game, to give you some tips so you can see the influence of the stars in the elections to dress.

What tips should you keep in mind when dressing according to your sign?
Aries: Something personal, energetic and you like to follow your instinct. You can do the Scottish Prince of Wales, you know how to wear men's clothes such as a blazer and you feel good. Long coats, straight pants, and weavings can be your daily companions.
Taurus: Very practical and determined. You know what clothes to wear. You are calm, and you know how to wear a well-tailored suit without looking bored. You can combine classic clothes that are the ones you like with a personal touch and the result is fantastic. Good for you!


Gemini: You are fun and know how to choose soft, fashionable clothes, and not overdo it. You are one of the few in the zodiac who knows how to use ruffles and polka dots. You look good in colors, you can use the palette that suits you, but also black and white, always on delicate fabrics.

Cancer: You are not difficult, quite the opposite, because you accept trends, and do not limit yourself. Outgoing, fun and creative. You wear jeans, tight pants, rock, vintage clothes. Sometimes you can seem too simple, take a few minutes to add to your outfit that complements that will distinguish it.


Leo: Independent, stronger than you think and very sensible. Fall colors suit you. You can abuse green and red without problems. You like to create your outfits, and not depend on conventions. Do not stick to the same clothes, you tend to repeat an outfit when you are comfortable and you like it.

Virgo: Very perfectionist and neat. You dedicate time to your looks. Your style is rather classical, you would benefit from not being so uptight. Anyway, you are always impeccable. Brighten up your formal wardrobe with accessories, get out of the routine and try new things.

Libra: Very elegant. You can be fine on any occasion. Abuse the dresses, you look very distinguished with them. You are doing well with silk scarves and simple jewelry. Your distinction is in the details, you can add modern shoes, more daring colors, everything looks good on you.

Scorpio: Sensitive, bold and very observant. You can wear midi dresses, narrow pants (skinny), silk blouses. Summer suits you best. Overlapping garments are your forte because you know how to wear them.


Sagittarius: Adventurous, risky, with a classic touch. Texan boots, sweaters, oversize garments, and you know how to add a touch of color that will make a difference. You are well with elegant clothes such as adventure and sports. But do not abuse the latter.

Capricorn: Something melancholic and shy, you don't like to stand out for what you wear. You can use soft fabrics such as gauze or velor. You should wear clothes that have meaning to you, instead of sticking to fashion.

Aquarius: You are creative and flexible. You have imagination and do not strictly adhere to fashion. Your style is that of the seventies, with details that you propose. Prints and wide pants can be your choice. You stand out positively.

Pisces: Very emotional, and creative. But you like to fit a little too much to fashion. Don't be so aware of the last trend. Find your personal style. You like brightness, you can use it for the day too, if you combine it with something neutral.

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