The date of October 10th emerges as a quantum portal, a moment where light codes descend to propel our ascension and spiritual evolution. . 

Since the mysterious beginning of the quantum portals in 2012, woven by luminous entities, we have been guided towards liberation, greater awareness and a path of spiritual growth. The 10:10, in particular, brings us the release of old karmic processes, a renewing energy that marks the end of a learning cycle.

The vibrational significance of the number 10 is revealing. Broken down, 1 symbolizes the beginning of a new path, infusing the energy of drive, action and creativity. The 0, on the other hand, represents cleansing and purification, a void necessary for growth and expansion. In this numerical merger, we are on the threshold of a new beginning, offering the possibility of initiating new projects, jobs, relationships or moves.

In the days leading up to 10:10, we encounter this numerical sequence in various places and situations. These encounters are cosmic signals, winks from our spirit guides, indicating that we are on the right path, that we trust our actions and choices.

The period surrounding the opening of the portal may be accompanied by various sensations. Tiredness, anxiety and negative thoughts may manifest. It is crucial to maintain balance in order to receive the blessings and light emanating from this cosmic opening.


Recommendations for Navigating the 10:10 Portal

1. **Keep Calm:** In the face of any challenge, calm is your ally. Take a deep breath and stay calm.

2. **Light Food:** Choose foods that nourish your body without overloading it. Lightness in the diet facilitates attunement with higher energies.

3. **Hydration:** Water is a conductor of energy. Be sure to keep your body hydrated to facilitate the flow of energy.

4. **Smoking the Space:** Purification with herbal smoke such as incense can cleanse the energies in your environment.

5. **Connection with Nature:** Walking barefoot in nature connects your energy with the earth, renewing and balancing your vibrations.

6. **Meditation and Yoga:** These practices will help you to attune your mind, body and spirit, harmonizing your energies.

7. **Care of Thoughts and Words:** Be conscious of your thoughts and words. Cultivate positivity and avoid negativity.

8. **Conscious Breathing:** Conscious breathing calms your mind and balances your internal energies.

9. **Sun and Sunset:** Connecting with sunlight, whether sunbathing or enjoying the sunset, fills you with positive energy.

10. **Rest:** Rest is essential for the integration of energies. Allow your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate.


The 10:10 Portal: An Annual Threshold of Energy Transformation

The 10:10 Portal, which materializes every October 10, acts as a point of energetic expansion for the acceleration of healing, change and ascension into a new cycle. This time can plunge many into a period of calm or incubation, where things seem to come to a standstill before the new cycle fully begins.

The clearing of space, the release of the past and the purging of the old are indicative of this transformative energy. Its arrival and incubation period are experienced in waves, each person in their own time and space, guided by the unique rhythm of their souls.

As we move toward the end of a cycle, purging symptoms may manifest with greater intensity. Sadness, depression, anxiety, crying, frequent urination and unrelenting fatigue are common during this transitional period. Each of these symptoms is a sign that energy is flowing, bringing us into greater alignment with our most authentic self.

In this incubation space, some are just entering, while others have already moved into the new cycle. This moment, where things may seem to stand still, is, in fact, the perfect space for each person's individual soul and journey. Trust in one's own time and process is essential; everyone is exactly where they need to be.

As we approach the 10:10 Portal, we are immersed in the transformative energy that offers us the opportunity to release old karmas and embrace new beginnings. With awareness and preparation, we can step through this portal with grace, allowing light and blessings to flow into our lives. 


Stay in balance, follow the recommendations for this special period and trust the journey. May the mantra resonate in your being, opening the doors of happiness, abundance, peace and light every step of the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the blessings that are yet to come in this magical 10:10 Portal.

Mantra for Portal 10:10

*I wish happiness in my life, abundance in love, peace and spiritual balance. Well-being and health, light in every step of the way. I receive all blessings that come my way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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