Let's see what the stars say about the compatibility for love between signs of different elements. How are we doing in love? how do you get along with your partner? are you happy with him/her?

It is a recurring theme in conversations and one that interests us all: how are we doing in love? how do you get along with your partner? are you happy with him/her? Let's see what the stars say about the compatibility for love between signs of different elements. Knowing which signs are less compatible will only tell us which aspects we should work on so that the couple goes well. Nothing is definitive and this is only an orientation about what you should expect and what you should pay attention to in order to achieve love wellbeing.

How do the different elements relate to each other when forming a couple?

We can classify the zodiac signs into the four elements: Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. And finally, the Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Let's see below the pros and cons of the different combinations when forming a couple.


How do Fire Signs relate to Water Signs?

As you can imagine it is not an easy relationship, they need a lot of dialogue to get along and above all to respect each other's characteristics and needs. Water can extinguish the fire, or the fire can evaporate it completely. That is why it is a priority to lay the foundations of the relationship clearly and not to transgress the limits of what has been agreed, so that neither one harms the other unintentionally.

How do Fire Signs relate to Air Signs?

Fire warms the air and elevates it, and air feeds the fire, we can say that it is a beneficial association for both. Fire signs should control their possessiveness and Air signs should regulate the parameters of closeness-far from each other so as not to feel trapped or consumed. The bond is promising and has a future.

How do Fire Signs relate to Earth Signs?

The Earth is the one that puts limits to fire, leads it in the right direction, it is the one that contains it the most. It disciplines and orients it. This will be new to Fire signs who are so impulsive and capricious and are not used to being limited. But fire can exhaust earth in this task. They are attracted to each other and feel good together but it is a relationship that may soon run out of steam.


How do Earth signs relate to Water signs?

I can't imagine more compatible signs. They are both reliable, they are stable when they are together. Earth contains water, and revives with the fluidity and sensitivity that water brings, emerging in a thousand buds. It will bring her the emotion and intuition that Earth signs, so attached to the material, need. The Earth must not be too greedy because the water will be exhausted in its task, the water must not be too volatile, because the Earth will not be able to absorb its benefits.

How do Earth Signs relate to Air Signs?

They seem distant but they touch and influence each other. Both need each other but it is not love at first sight, it is a relationship that will take work. Both are in two different strata and generating meeting points will be difficult. The characteristics of Earth, so stable, secure, structured and material, may clash with the traits of Air, so volatile, intuitive and imaginative. It is not an impossible relationship but it will be necessary to work the points of contact so that they do not become conflict but mutual enrichment.

How do Air signs relate to Water signs?

We cannot say that it is a good combination. In nature they combine only in their composition, but without mixing. If they regulate the impetuosity it can work well, but if they do not control the impulsive they generate natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and floods that will affect everyone around them.


What happens if the couple shares the same element?

Sharing the element can mean complementation and be stimulating, but as they also have the same characteristics in positive and negative, it could happen that they fall into monotony. If the signs are the same, this is often the reason for disinterest and falling into habituation, so they should strive to provide the necessary condiments so that this does not happen.
Fire - fire: Very intense relationship, it works if it is not exhausted and consumed in itself but each member of the couple develops their individuality, has friends, interests and activities separately.


Air - Air: Total dispersion, little practicality, they maintain interest but find it difficult to realize aspirations.

Earth - Earth: An honest, firm, stable and somewhat routine relationship. They can get bored unless they have strong shared interests.
Water-Water: Hypersensitive, emotionally unstable. Always attentive to each other's needs but difficult to hold on to something firm that sustains their identities and does not dilute them.

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