Friendship is a very important part in our lives, an essential sustenance without which we would feel alone and disoriented. With our friends we can be truly sincere, we laugh, we travel, we get angry, and we tell each other our deepest secrets. But, how are you as a friend? Here we will tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each sign in regards to friendship. Discover yours!


How is ARIES in friendship?

Ariens tend to be the friends to choose, they are partners and also unconditional. They function almost like a brother, including the conflicts: you fight almost as if it were an impulsive thing, they have too much energy and do not measure their reactions. They are very exaggerated, this may be their Achilles heel. 

How is TAURUS in friendship?

They are firm, sure, stable, and highly loyal. You can always trust in them. Sometimes they are very reserved, they do not speak very much about themselves, but they know how to keep secrets. Their weakness is acting a bit possessive, sometimes inflexible, but very, very trustworthy. They can be jealous and require a lot of attention. 

How is GEMINI in Friendship?

They are fun, friendly, and generous. They are not very predictable and sometimes surprise us with unexpected reactions. They are very sensitive and a bit fickle, to the point you sometimes do not know what to expect. They are a bit emotionally unstable, that is why they are sometimes happy and optimistic and then the wind changes direction and melancholy oppresses them. 


How is CANCER in friendship?

They are a bit cautious and do not commit easily. Before trusting you, they will test you. But when they do commit they do so with conviction and are very good company. It is hard for them to take the initiative, and sometimes this may exacerbate you. But it is a matter of having a little patience, because when they love you, they do so sincerely. 

How is LEO in friendship?

It is a great sign for friendship, but you gamble all or nothing. They are happy and generous, they know how to have a good time, and are always ready to go out and party. Of course they do like to be in charge and do not accept being held to account. They are demanding and set conditions, because in a subtle way, they need to be the center of attention. 

How is VIRGO in friendship?

Kind and always worried over the welfare of others. They are intelligent and refined, very demanding and self-critical. They are good partners, they care for you and take care of everything, but sometimes they are very critical if something does not go the way they had hoped. Don't change their plans, or fail them at the last minute. Very organized, they do not like risks, and very rarely speak of their feelings.

How is LIBRA in friendship?

The soul of the party, without coming apart too much. They are elegant, they have a special charm, they are diplomatic, seducers, very sociable. They are someone you will not stop inviting, because you are assured to have a good time. But sometimes it is hard for them to choose and put themselves on the line for someone. 


How is SCORPIO in friendship?

They tend to be unconditional, but you will pay for it. Because they are jealous and possessive, and may be very demanding. They are agreeable company, even though it is hard for them to commit their affection. They are afraid to express their feelings because they suffer a lot if you hurt them. They like to deal with people, they are very social and protective. 

How is SAGITTARIUS in friendship?

It is a very generous sign, optimistic, adventuresome, and very loyal. They need their friends like they need air, and they know how to reciprocate. They are the ones who will always be there when you need them, because they are also very team oriented. But they have a need to be wanted, and sometimes can feel as if you set them aside. 

How is CAPRICORN in friendship?

 They are very loyal and value their friends a lot, but they have a hard time remaining constant, as much in friendship as in love. They alternate between cycles of being social and others of being withdrawn, in which they barely communicate. They are talented and tend to be calm, but sometimes a bit distant.  

How is AQUARIUS in friendship?

They give themselves over completely to their friends, but they need to admire them. They are authentic, and very affectionate. They fear commitment a bit, that is why they sometimes disappear. They try to be flexible, even though it costs them. Do not betray them, because they will never trust you again. 


How is PISCES in friendship?

They are very sensitive and affectionate, they want to share everything but without feeling trapped. They are attentive to their friends and value them very much, on top of it they are fun and sociable and nothing is more enjoyable than going out to them, even though sometimes it may cost them an argument with their significant other. Sometimes they are a bit pessimistic and they get depressed when faced with difficulties, that is when you must have their backs.