Each child is special, and has its own qualities. But your zodiac sign can give us valuable information about your character and what you need to grow up happy. Find out below!

What does an Aries child need?

He is a leading child. He has influence in his group, is respected and respected. He needs to be explained the reasons for the decisions that, as parents they make about his life. They do not respond to the imposition, but to the suggestions or indications. He must learn to take care of yourself and not take risky behaviors, so you must warn him to take care of yourself.

What does a Taurus child need?

He is firm in his ideas, and when something occurs to him it is difficult for him to change his mind. That is why it is better to change the subject and then resume it indirectly. The insistence will lead to conflict. Never challenge him in public, he will feel humiliated and resentful. Being sensitive and affectionate it is nice to be with him.



What does a Gemini child need?

He is a good conversationalist and sociable. He likes being with others, and is sensitive, but he can easily be offended if he feels ridiculous because he is susceptible to criticism. You have to encourage him to make an effort because he doesn't like what is difficult for him.

What does a child of Cancer need?

We are facing an artist and as such you have to treat him. He has a lot of imagination, which is a great gift to stimulate. He is very sensitive and affectionate. Accompany him in his fantasy and show reality strategically. Do not rush the processes, he has his rhythm. He needs a lot of our presence. 


What does a child of Leo need?

He is able to understand reasons but will not always want to accept them. He is quite confident in himself and what he cannot achieve dislikes him. He demands a lot, and doesn't like to lose. He needs a lot of understanding and that we are very fair with him. He adapts to everything, and is very friendly, but requires our attention because he is a little proud and likes to be treated in a special way.

What does a Virgo child need?

He really doesn't like to be criticized, he needs to feel important, he is dedicated and perfectionist, he cares about succeeding and doing things right. Suffers from challenges or observations about his behavior. They must make him reason, he must have confidence in himself, since sometimes he feels insecure.


What does a child of Libra need?

They are responsible and autonomous children, kind and sincere. They are very good companions of their parents and siblings. Sometimes they need a clear limit to be marked, always from understanding and affection. They may have a tendency to loiter.

What does a Scorpio child need?

They have a very strong character and like to set the rules in their groups. They must learn to respect the different opinions and wishes of others. Sometimes they are very self-centered, and do not communicate easily. You have to help them express themselves. They are very observant and critical, generous and altruistic.


What does a Sagittarius child need?

He is very dear to everyone, he is generous and sociable. He likes to help, is a good collaborator and has a strong sense of equity. He reacts badly to orders, usually rebels so he must learn to accept them little by little, explain and decide with him helps. Does not tolerate injustice.

What does a Capricorn child need?

He is sensitive and refined. He has a subtle humor. He stands out in groups, although sometimes he is a bit lonely. Alternate moments of intense social activity with others of withdrawal. You have to let him keep up and not overwhelm him. You must learn to be responsible gradually, as it sometimes costs you a little.


What does an Aquarian child need?

He is very imaginative, and affectionate. Sometimes this plays against him, he must learn to channel his activities as it has a tendency to spread. He is sincere, and sometimes very impulsive. With a good heart, his friends love him, although sometimes it is very difficult to accept other opinions. 

What does a Pisces child need?

Very lazy, he struggles to make efforts and always finds an excuse for not doing what he is asked. Cheerful, affectionate and sensitive, it's nice to be with him, he's very dreamy. Sometimes he reacts badly and must learn to act respectfully and consider the other more. 

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