Tarot is a very rich language that can open the door to our deepest and unknown being if we use it honestly, and with respect for the incredible world, it contains.

For this, we must know how to listen to those messages that the images of his cards provide us, opening an endless stream of symbols.

Yes, you read correctly: the Tarot speaks to us! And it doesn't always say what we want to hear, hence its wealth. The Tarot is not an exact science, nor a magical predictive technique. It is an ancient, playful and profound practice.

Salvador Dalí, Osho, the renowned psychologist Carl Jung, are just some of the celebrities who used it often and as a way to open a range in personal growth, and the way of life.

How to make a TAROT self-roll?

You need a deck of cards, we recommend to start with the Tarot of Marseille, it has 22 major arcana and 56 minor. We suggest that for the first roll you limit yourself to the Major Arcana.

Now, let's begin: you must have time without interruptions, seek peace and isolation. Sit down comfortably, and if you want you can put on the table a violet cloth, which is associated with knowledge and transformation; on which you will unfold your deck.


From here there are several possibilities, and you should practice to know which one suits you best at this moment of your life. We propose you to start working only with the 22 cards that represent the Major Arcana. You must choose how your roll will be: turn one card, or three. If you are a beginner, we recommend turning one.

Then you must ask a question, clear and concise. Don't look for magic. It will never answer you for yes or no. For example: do not demand to know if you will find the love of a partner, but rather ask what has prevented you from achieving it until today.

Shuffle your cards focused on the question you have in mind, and when you feel like you're done, spread them out like a fan on the table. This is a very important moment, trust your instinct. It's time for you to turn over that card that will answer the question asked.

Once you have your Arcanum in front of you, you will try to search within yourself, with total honesty and truth, until the answer emerges from within you. Each symbol in your card can lead you to new meanings in your life. Open your channels and allow yourself to enter it.


Remember: in no way will you draw another card. You already have your answer, search in it. And if you can, take your Arcane with you that day and observe it several times.

Your roll is over and the energy of the chosen Arcane will accompany you throughout the day! The next day you can ask another question. Remember that the answer obtained should never be read literally, you should look for its symbolism, which is inside you.

According to the Arcane that you have revealed, you must think and interpret how it affects your life at this time. This is not magic nor is there a single answer. Try to find several and through them to know yourself.

What are the main symbols of the 22 Major Arcana?

Here we will give you a guide to the 22 Major Arcana so that you can begin to practice it:

1- The Fool: What's new in our lives and hard to accept.

2- The Magician: Self-creation, awareness of change, the beginning.

3- The High Priestess: Lo profundo femenino y ancestral, la mujer viva y dual.

4- The Empress: Fruit, growth, life.

5- The Emperor: Authority, the Father. the Law, the Norm.

6- The Father: The deep, the spiritual life, the meaning, the being in the world.

7- The Lover: The heart and its calling, the freedom, the detachment.


8- The Chariot: Effort, progress, desire, will, perseverance, ideals.

9- Justice: Harmony, fairness, what must be balanced.

10- The Hermit: The search, loneliness, internal rigor, convictions.

11- The While of Fortune: Cycles that move, what I don't see about me.

12- The Strength: Impulse, search, esteem, growth, progress.

13- The Hangedman: Waiting, stopping, procrastinating, looking around.

14- Death: Mutation, change, something new, shed the old.

15- Templance: The incomprehensible, healing, the origin, acceptance.

16- The Devil: Knowing the inner darkness, discovering, revealing.

17- The Tower: Falling ego, questioning, falling structures .


18- The Star: Expansion, growth, conscious registration, hope.

19- The Moon: The interiority, the unconscious, the sensible. Go deep.

20- The Sun: Energy, clarity and awareness. Everything is revealed.

21- The Judgment: Something closes, no more in the past. Recapitulate. Renovate.

22- The World: Integrator, the goal, the end of the dream, the arrival.

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