March 8th is International Woman's day, and we decided to entertain them with this special message about every woman's characteristics according to their sign.

We know that each woman is special on her own beyond her zodiac sign and the energies that govern her planetary system, but equally, each sign has its typical characteristics: Have fun and discover which of your traits are driven by the energy of the stars!

Women under the sign of Aries

If you are an Aries, you know that your strength resides in the energy that you release from every pore on your skin. You have an enormous capacity to say things honestly (anyone will easily know if you try to lie). You are fighters, secure, do not tolerate injustices, and fight against them without thinking twice. This could lead to burning yourself in the fire, but you will know what to do to make the wounds scar and get back in the game.


Women under the sign of Taurus 

They have the capacity to be solid and resistant. Of a very caring character, with cooking abilities, and sometimes can be stubborn and lock down on an argument, without being able to leave it. The female Taurus looks for peace and can control themselves for days, but beware, all things have a limit and once you have surpassed it, you will unleash their fury.

Women under the sign of Gemini

They live in a constant mental stimulation (that is why they sometimes seem distracted), they like extensive conversations and existential debates. Female Geminis do not stay still in one place, and sometimes can demand a lot of attention and energy.

Women under the sign of Cancer

With a changing mood, they can be very fun and make you laugh until you are no longer able to. Homemakers, a bit traditional, good in the kitchen and with everything implied in caring for others, the female Cancers know how to give love. They can sometimes overload themselves with work and take only a little time for leisure.

Women under the sign of Leo

With a great magnetism, you will recognize a woman Leo without thinking twice. They are pure fire and call for a lot of attention. Sociable and with many friends, they need to be the center of attention and perhaps their confidence will make them speak with a certain superior air, but not with bad intentions.


Women under the sign of Virgo 

Ordered, Organized, they like everything in their place, and that is why it is hard for them to try new challenges. If you are a Virgo, you know that stability is your strength and what gives you security. It is difficult for them to relax and stop thinking about fixing everything around them. They are sincere and trustworthy people, they seek perfection in all that surrounds them and they sometimes have trouble recognizing mistakes.

Women under the sign of Libra

In a constant search for balance, the female Libra give up everything for a harmonious balance. They usually are friends with many people since they know how to hear or are sociable. Says yes to everything, and may have trouble imposing limits. They clean up nice.

Women under the sign of Scorpio

They like mystery and can go see right through you with a glance. They have a lot of passion and a big ego, which is why they need constant praise. The female Scorpio knows what they are and what they are worth, and also what they are not. They can also hurt others with their sincerity. 

Women under the sign of Saggitarius

They are athletic, want to do everything, and never miss out on anything. That is why it is hard to compromise them. Even they hate hurting others, their innocence can cause them to make mistakes. They have strong principles that are hard to change, they are restless, and most importantly, fiery. 


Women under the sign of Capricorn

The women under Capricorn are direct, they do not beat around the bush. They have a lot of energy when it comes to work, they push themselves in their work. They tend to be constant, tenacious and always try to be better. They never let opportunities go by and they hate to be late to commitments. 

Women under the sign of Aquarius

They are different from everyone, they always have original ideas and show the other side of things. They can be a bit indecisive, since they do not believe a lot in their ideas, and have trouble with stability (they need someone to order their life). They are everyone's best friend, they tend to constantly analyze others, and have the gift of calming people when they need to.

Women under the sign of Pisces

The women under Pisces are like a muse that float throughout the world, subtle, seductive. They are very cordial and friendly when expressing themselves. They can go back and forth between an innocent humor with no malice or turn it into a double edged weapon, being cold and with no mercy.