The modalities of the signs, in astrology, are qualities that are assigned to each Zodiac sign. Do you want to know what it is about? We will tell you all about it here!


Sometimes we feel an intense attraction to someone with whom we know a relationship will be intense and conflicted. This attraction is mutual and hard to avoid. We try to run across it anywhere, faking casual encounters, but we know because others who know us also tell us that it will be a potentially explosive relationship. We will tell you which Zodiac sign pairings provoke these situations, they are modalities: Fixed, Mutable, and Cardinal.

What are the Cardinal signs and what are they like?

CANCER - CAPRICORN: The Cardinal signs are called that because when the Sun passes them they are always in a corner of the sky, a point of inflection where solstices and equinoxes occur. They are active and transforming signs, three of the four Cardinal signs are animals, crab, goat, and ram, the last one is a scale (Libra). Cancer is from water, Capricorn from earth, in which the first is intuitive and changing, and the second is obstinate in following their path overcoming the obstacles in their way. The Crab intuits and is given to pleasures, and the Goat reasons and doggedly chases their goal. If they learn to become allies without rivalries they are unbeatable. 


ARIES - LIBRA: Aries is represented by a male ram, potent and creator, it is the first, the one that inaugurates the Zodiac. It has a great creating power, but it is not guided with precision. Aries gores, like a good Fire sign it does not measure its intensity. Libra is a refined sign and occupies a middle point in the Zodiac, therefore the scales, the balance. Air sign that loves harmony, proportions, measures.

Both signs are transcendent in relation to the date of the equinox: the beginning of both coincide with the start of two seasons: Spring and Fall, that is why they are Cardinal signs. Libra cannot help their attraction to Aries, and will surrender at their feet. Aries needs Libra to moderate and soften them, to guide their unmeasured urge, and Libra needs safety and momentum for the fight in their daily life from Aries. Libra suffers from their doubts and insecurities and Aries quiets them. Aries loses their way because of their excessive impulses that Libra calms. If they are joined on the same project, it will be grand.

What are the Fixed signs and what are they like?

TAURUS - SCORPIO: Taurus identifies with the ox, potent, resistant, a fixed Earth sign, and Scorpio is the small almighty scorpion that is able to die and revive, it is a fixed Water sign. Astrology attributes them with fixed characteristics in their temperaments, and they are fighters, strong and persistent. They are also stable and do not like changes, they are highly constant and offer security to whoever is at their side. Taurus and Scorpio share a great sensuality, they seek pleasure and enjoy it with all their senses. They are fixed signs, almost unalterable. Taurus brings responsibility, stability, and strength to Scorpio, and Scorpio who is ferocious and a fighter, offers lighter movement and a chance to accept changes. Both are intense and extreme, the intimacy will be very passionate, but there will also be jealousy and possessiveness. For the coupling to work, they must not share too much time together every day. 


LEO - AQUARIUS: These are two Fixed signs, Leo of Fire and Aquarius of air. They are impetuous, intense, and fiery signs. Air ignites the Fire, who in turn consumes it. The Fixed signs are very strong in their fight for being themselves, they are persistent and fighters, but also conservative and seek stability over all things, perhaps because it is what they are most denied in their essence, which is pure volatility. They are faithful in their convictions, sometimes reaching the extremes of fanaticism. They are the people that if they develop themselves, they will be the most confident people you will find, even though this is not always a good thing. When they find each other they recognize and complement each other spontaneously and without difficulty.  

What are the Mutable signs and what are they like?

GEMINI - SAGITTARIUS: They are the dual signs because they have traces of two opposing personalities within them. Gemini has the twins and Sagittarius is a centaur which is half man half horse, the duality in both signs. They are signs with a lot of flexibility, they are mutable and act with a lot of nobility. They are adventurous, sociable, enjoyable, and friendly. Their spirit differentiates them, while Geminis are more pragmatic, concrete, and realist, Sagittarius is an idealist, philosophical, and spiritual. Geminis can change and lose their heading, they carry contradiction within themselves. Sagittarius are more meditative and deep, not as geared towards action. Both get excited about the same things:trips, foods, lectures, social life. They can be excellent partners in life and in business. 


VIRGO - PISCES: They are dual signs, mutable and flexible. Virgo, from the Earth, changing, flexible,  brainy and meditative, systematic and balanced. The opposing fish, of Water, dual, affectionate and sensitive but expect everything to resolve itself. They are unstable and are always in motion, they drown in routines, they risk everything to avoid it. Virgo is thorough and a perfectionist, very demanding and critical. Pisces is not as strict, they accept middle ground and are more peacemakers. They know how to complement each other and will be good as partners or as a couple, as long as Pisces learns to be more organized and Virgo moderates their criticism so they don't hurt the sensitive Pisces.