Five planets will align in the sky. Find out how it will affect your sign right now.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the sky on June 27 and will be clearly visible. 

For those who love to observe celestial objects and planets at night, they will have a unique opportunity from June 27 onwards, as they will also be shown in order of distance from the Sun.

From left to right, Mercury, 58 million kilometers from the Sun, the closest, ending with Saturn, 1.4 billion kilometers from the Sun.

Depending on your location, you will be able to observe this particular phenomenon at different latitudes and directions. It will be visible in the east just before the Sun rises. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, look east and south. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, look east and north.


Why does this planetary event happen?

As described above, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will align in the sky, producing a noticeable separation. The graduation will increase to 107 degrees and the waxing and waning Moon will likely appear between Venus and Mars.
Mercury will be easily visible and relatively easy to observe moving to the right along the horizon. In the morning, just before sunrise is the clearest time to identify this special episode.
As the weeks go by, these five planets will be seen aligned, a phenomenon called a "conjunction". Conjunctions involving four or five planets are among the rarest to be found.
The last time this event occurred was in December 2004.
If you are lucky, you can also find Uranus and Neptune, but for this you will need specialized equipment, such as telescopes and high-powered binoculars. If you find Jupiter and Saturn, you will notice that they come very close to each other. This phenomenon has not occurred for centuries, forming the "Christmas Star".


How June's planetary alignment affects each Zodiac sign

Aries: Your sensitivity will be affected by the energy of this planetary alignment. You should distance yourself from people who do not add good energy and you should also count to 10 when responding in an inappropriate way.

Taurus: Planning your work in balance with your family life, you will be able to show an energetic change. Strengthen your closest ties with family and friends.

Gemini: Focus on professional and work objectives will be up to date. This is not the time to be distracted by matters other than the future.

Cancer: Your life experience helps you once again to overcome whatever problems arise. The planets feed extremely positive energy.

Leo: Prioritize your emotional and body healing issues. Ailments of the body can be treated with different approaches.


Virgo: Avoid wasting energy on misunderstandings. Organize priorities in life giving way to balance your emotions and needs.

Libra: Taking a leap of faith toward your future destiny will organize your ideas. This planetary alignment provides an opportunity to reconnect with your inner self and loved ones.

Scorpio: A reunion with a loved one will rekindle the flame of your inner self. You will be able to find ways to bring ideas and yearnings into your life in the medium term.

Sagittarius: Putting your feet on the ground will help you organize your finances and your domestic economy. You can project trips and future plans if you have a good savings base..


Capricorn: The planetary alignment allows you to energize your communicational energy aimed directly at your work or business. It is the time to communicate directly the needs we have as people.

Aquarius: Keeping your heart safe is fine, but putting it in the freezer can affect you. The planetary alignment helps you to thaw your emotions.

Pisces: It's time to put your eye on professional, work and academic progress. Perfecting yourself, getting out of your comfort zone will give you the opportunity to learn new facets of your inner self.

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