The last astral movement of the year that will produce a solar eclipse. Find out how it will affect the zodiac signs right now in the following article. 

A very strong light energy will be hidden, diminishing the light on the planet. In doing so, it will unveil aspects that we usually ignore, since sometimes, so much light only blinds us. We will change the position from which we see our problems, and thus broaden the vision of our world.

Solar Eclipses only occur at New Moon, since the Sun and the Moon must be in conjunction, the Moon interposing itself between the Sun and the Earth in its trajectory. This solar eclipse will be visible for people living in Greenland, or Iceland, for the European continent and for the northeast of Africa, also in the Middle East: western Asia, India and western China. 

Thanks to the wonderful astronomical events that took place in this 2022, being able to have enjoyed a recent star shower, this October 25 we will be able to see the last solar eclipse of this year.


The darkening caused will help us to say goodbye to what no longer has a place in our life: but remember that nothing will be lost, as we always move forward, incorporating what we have lived and open to what is new.

We let go in order to receive, and we will open our hearts to what germinates. Say goodbye to what you no longer love, and go in search of what is ready for you. Whenever something ends, something begins!

As it happens in Cancer, which is the first sign of the water element, the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will have a greater impact than the rest. Remember that the influence of the eclipse lasts about six months.

The main themes that this eclipse will bring to the scene will be: family, tribe, inheritance, fraternal bonds, the filial and patriarchal; what organizes and structures us, our founding beliefs. We will need affection and the structures and bonds of our love life will be shaken. Without fear and with sensitivity, we will re-emerge stronger and more authentic.


How will the Total Solar Eclipse affect each sign?

ARIES: Ideal time to work on brotherhood, to feel what the other feels. See as peers and brothers to the rest of the people, reducing rivalries.

TAURUS: Work the acceptance of the unexpected, understand that what is presented will always leave a lesson. Open your heart without fear of the new.

GEMINIS: Try to accept yourself as unique and valuable beings, enable desire and fight for what you love. Let me move towards your goals.


CANCER: Stand firm, defend the home, protect your loved ones with your love. Bless life and make alliances, accept the past and look to the future.

LEO: Seize opportunities, and do not blame yourself for what is not done, because there will always be more to come. Everything happens at the right time. Light is coming into your life.

VIRGO: Be positive. Push away non-existent ghosts that only stop you in your tracks. Go for new beginnings!

LIBRA: Feel comfortable to disagree with what you no longer want and remove it from your life. Say goodbye to what no longer makes you happy.

SCORPIO: Speak up without being hurtful. Face your doubts. Be honest with yourself. Trust those around you. Open your heart.

SAGITTARIUS: Don't take charge of everything. Let go of what holds you back and doesn't bring you happiness. Beware of too much responsibility. It is time to let go.


CAPRICORN: Time of changes, of flexibility. No fears. Nothing is worse than going ahead with what we no longer believe in. Let those who love you get closer.

AQUARIUS: Make the necessary changes in daily reality and stop dreaming about them. It is time to act. Live in the present!

PISCES: Be more responsible, do not postpone everything because life does not wait, everything happens today. It is there for you, you can enjoy this change that will bring you more peace.

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