Cheerful, affectionate, strict, jealous, all parents are special in themselves and the stars can give us several clues about this. Discover here the central characteristics of each sign when it comes to occupying such a special role!

1. How are the parents of Fire Signs?

Aries: Arian parents will encourage their children to grow independently and fight for everything they set out to do. It is extremely important for them to face life with courage and in a positive way, and they will try to convey this to their children: you can! Try it again! These are some typical phrases that you will hear him say. Adventurous, cheerful and strict in everything related to education, they will deal with their lack of time and selfishness to seek to share moments with their children.


Leo: Creative and inspiring parents, stimulate artistic and expression activities, encouraging their children to find what makes them special. Education will have a central place in their lives and they will deal in first person with promoting the nobility, good values and leadership skills of their children. Responsible, proud and protective, they ask a lot but they give everything in return.

Sagittarius: Adventurous, cheerful and modern, Sagittarius' parents will take care of stimulating their children's intellectual side with books, movie debates, excursions and lots of outdoor activity. Very affectionate and with a sense of humor, they will make their children know the world, also through their imagination.

2. How are the parents of Earth Signs?

Tauro: Affectionate and dedicated, they will fill their children with hugs and pampering. They enjoy sharing their time with them, whether playing, painting, reading or walking in the park. They prioritize the physical and emotional safety of their children, and they will take the necessary time to convey solid values. Jealousy can be the weak point of these super loving parents!


Virgo:  He will know how to show his love through details and daily care. Always attentive and protective, he will have all the details under his attention so that nothing is missing for their children. But demonstrating his affections will be a pharaonic task for him, if you have a virgo father, you should know that each hug is worth for 10! They will be able to share sports, outings, and they will have a very good communication, Virgo's father will take care that his children are independent, tidy and organized people, so that they can achieve everything that they propose in their lives.

Capricorn: Strict and demanding, they care that their children understand the sense of responsibility, excellence and perfection. With difficulties to demonstrate the enormous affection they feel for them and to express their feelings, their love will be reflected in facts and dedication. In the depth they are cronies and playful, although apparently they do not prove it.

3. How are the parents of Air Signs?  

Gemini: Liberal, buddy and flexible, Gemini's father will seek to make his children as free as he is. They may change their mind again and again, since for them it is more important to play with all possible variables, even if they are contradictory, than to instill discipline. Very affectionate, you will see them hugging and kissing their children frequently, creating a playful and intellectual environment at the same time, always avoiding harassing their children.


Libra: Con un sentido de la equidad indiscutible, los padres de Libra sabrán dar a sus hijos una educación y ética incuestionables, deseando que sean ordenados, elegantes, justos. Con dificultades para ser cariñosos, compartirán momentos culturales con sus hijos, y procurarán que sean siempre un buen ejemplo a seguir. Se ocupará de que sus hijos tengan buenos amigos y sabrá vincularse con otros padres y colegas de manera irreprochable.

Aquarius: Great storyteller, always will accompany listening, but without dramatizing. Aquarius parents want their children to grow free from fears and bonds. They are giving and affectionate, and they will go out of their way for their children to be good people, affectionate and strong. With an open mind and eccentric attitudes, he will be his children's best friend and will accompany them in their lives with a lot of responsibility.

4. How are the parents of Water Signs?  

Cancer: Great exemplary father, his children are the center of his life. Always waiting to provide his family with everything they need, attentive, intuitive and willing to accompany their children in everything. Tender and very familiar, they enjoy ample family gatherings but they will always want to share moments alone with their wife and children. Great educator, it will cost him to let go of their children when they require to take off and for this reason they can have confrontations with their more independent children.


Scorpio: Powerful, controlling and intense, Scorpio's parents will seek for their children to succeed in various areas of their lives. This requirement will be put at the service of educating strong, independent children, who are fit and know how to stand out. They usually hide their emotions so that others do not see their weaknesses. Its intensity will make their children live moments of love and hate simultaneously.

Pisces: Funny, very affectionate and sensitive, Pisces parents will know how to connect with their children, understand them and teach them to dream. Their devotion will be almost total, and they will enjoy playing, painting, cooking and everything that involves sharing daily life with their children, always accompanied by magic and imagination. Limits will be their problem, since they are not important to them.

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