What are planetary transits? How do they affect our lives? What does it mean that jupiter is in Sagittarius this year? We will tell you this and a lot more!

The Birth Chart is fixed information, that does not change and is always with us, since it shows us the position of the stars in the Universe at the moment of our birth, and this could determine our psychic structure. But the planets do not stop moving! And this influences us, even though we must always remember that they are only orientations, and they do not completely dictate our lives. None of that, since we have the freedom to decide our path, the options we choose each day, at every step, are what really set the course of our destiny.


However, we change a lot throughout our life, and we have times of development and growth, and others of stagnation and frustrations. All of them are necessary steps for our evolution.

What is a planetary transit?

A transit is the movement, the path constantly traveled by the planets in the zodiac: each one moves differently, each one has its own path, its speed and its rhythm. It is a reflection of what happens in heaven. There are immense and slow celestial bodies like Pluto, which when entered into a sign can remain in it for twenty years; but there are others like the Moon, which are smaller and their orbit is shorter, they remain only a little more than two days in each sign.


What is the use of knowing the planetary transits?

Knowing the transits, which planet is influencing us at this moment, helps to know what the suitable time and situation is to invest our energies. The deepest influences are received from the slower planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. On the other hand, the Sun and the Moon, Mercury, and Venus move more quickly and their influence does not become as significant and intense.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 8, 2018, and will remain there until December 2, 2019. Jupiter symbolizes growth, expansion, security, and trust. The Greeks called it "The great benefactor", because it increases the value of energy, and an improvement of its quality. It is the most positive planet, the engine of happiness and destiny, and as regent of Sagittarius, it will bring improvements for all humanity. The year that passed was of Jupiter in Scorpio, it's influence caused some pain and worry, but it's over, and now it's time to improve and enjoy. We must take advantage of the time in our favor, which is not going to last forever! And remember that there are no magic solutions and everything is not on the planets, you decide the energy that will drive you daily.


Jupiter has two regencies: Pisces which would be the nocturnal regency and Sagittarius the diurnal one. Therefore this transit will give Sagittarius many benefits: it gets launched into adventure, into the desire to learn, to move a lot, and to have varied interests. It increases our optimism.

This transit also benefits several professions or occupations, all those related to travel, tourism, means of transport. Those who work in the field of teaching and learning, professors, teachers, language schools, various courses, and exchange studies. It is related to sports, outdoor activity, animal care, and the environment.

What should we be careful of? 

Sometimes Jupiter exceeds itself a little in its energy, so we must pay attention to moments of reluctance, laziness, and disinterest, postponing what we should do in pursuit of enjoyment. And speaking of this, beware of waste, and a lack of limits!

The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius was in 2006/2007, it is good to remember how this transit was experienced by each one of us, so we know what we should pay special attention to, since we could experience slightly similar processes.


On April 11, Jupiter will begin the retrogradation, retrogression, it will be a good time to analyze the changes we have made and what we have perceived. On December 2 Jupiter will leave Sagittarius and enter Capricorn, but that will be another story which we will discuss later...