Is Saturn a planet that has a bad reputation? Does it attract negative energies? Let's discover its meaning.

Saturn is a planet that used to have a bad reputation in traditional astrology. That is not how humanistic astrology approaches it.

The time that it takes Saturn to go around the sun is approximately 28 to 30 years. In other words that is how long it takes to return to its natal position. There are three periods marked by the return of Saturn and it is approximately at the ages of 28,56, and 84.

We tend to feel that Saturn is the planet that puts us to the test, that limits us, that restricts us or shortens us, represses our fantasies and faces us with reality. Saturn also represents the inner father, the law, the authority, and self duty. For those who are blessed with a long life, Saturn makes three returns and these are periods of personal reinvention, of great changes, and taking conscience. 

The first return is at the 28/30 years of age: in general it is a time of frustration, limiting, and tends to be experienced with pain. It is the passing from youth to maturity, the adult consciousness. It begins to structure life more, it abandons the comfort that may have been given in childhood, the paternal protection. 

It begins a new stage that generally tends to be the most productive that goes from 30 to 40 years of age. Some who have Saturn more integrated experience this stage without even noticing it, in general those who have had harder lives. For those who lived their lives comfortably the return of Saturn tends to be more painful and uncomfortable. 


This is the stage for building your own family and getting closer to building an identity, more authentic to ourselves, that up until that time had been conditioned by familiar mandates. 

The second return is at the 57/59 years of age and is the time for a more spiritual construct. The body begins to give the first signs of aging, this implies new limits, physical, mental, and spiritual limits. 

There are many things that they will no longer be able to do but are offset by the reward of wisdom and life experiences.

Unfortunately for the western culture at this age we are already officially old. Perhaps the secret is in putting all the emphasis on their own self if they have spent their whole lives taking care of the needs of other, or, on the other hand, concentrating on others if they have lived their lives egocentrically.


The third return is at 84/86 years of age where you experience the stage of individual conscience and delve into the mysteries of death and the end of life. It is practically a cycle of liberation, the soul has already lived enough and awaits the end of human suffering for a new unknown life. 

As we have said before, Saturn does a complete turn around the Sun every 28 years, in other words every seven years is a quarter turn for Saturn. This gives us a chance to once more attempt the processes that were not completed or that were finished in the previous stage. Those who have things pending may feel anxious, frustrated, or sad and not having transformed at the right time due to fear or a lack of courage. 

The truth is that Saturn is a great facilitator at the time for crystallizing, completing, materializing, leaving behind jobs, countries, and affections that no longer help us in our process of evolution, this applies for each of Saturn's returns. 


Many astrologers claim that the achievements arrive at Saturn's hands. Since it focuses on the real things, its transitions are materialized, completed. During this time we tend to feel alone, even surrounded by a certain melancholic or nostalgic spirit. Many of the shocking experiences of this transition will depend on how we have reached it.

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