The "Strawberry" Super Moon has arrived to bathe us with its energy. Find out in the following article how it will influence your sign.

This Tuesday, June 14th, is the full Moon in Sagittarius. This super "strawberry" moon is one of the names by which it is known in the global north, as some Native American cultures were dedicated to harvesting strawberries at this time of year.

It is also known by the name of pink full moon, or strawberry also in Europe, due to the flowers that begin to appear. For the Chinese culture, it will be the Lotus Moon, for the Celtic culture, the Horse Moon will appear. In the southern hemisphere, it is mostly known as the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon.

The June full moon appears just before the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, which will arrive on June 21.

Technically, if we can observe from northern latitudes, the Moon appears to hover just over the horizon with a pink or red color. This is because in that position, its light is scattered through the atmosphere generating that effect.


The Moon will be in opposite position to the Sun, which is in the Gemini house, square with Neptune. This will present us with a sense of enlightenment for our path, identifying that in order to achieve our goals, we must go through complicated moments, with scenarios that are somewhat difficult to solve.

The confusion is actually a way to review our plans, our intentions and desire to continue with the same idea. That will also provoke this June full moon.

To be able to take into account that the lunar energy will allow us to have a more peripheral vision of our situation. Different issues can be analyzed from different points of view, which will help us to understand the whole situation in a comprehensive way.

Undoing frustration, analyzing different alternatives and making a decision, will be the fundamental pillars to go through the strawberry full moon.


The planet of Mars is empowering the house of Aries (your sign by nature). These energies rekindled their inspirational power in conjunction with Jupiter, moving forward with our life goals, our transcendental purposes, motivating us to undertake, learn and incorporate learning in real life.

We will have to pay close attention to Venus, as she transits Taurus, conjunct Uranus, we will be perceiving and receiving some kind of incentive or pleasurable sensation. Somewhere unexpectedly, a very strong emotion of feeling really alive will appear, a new person, a new project, something you were really longing for will fill you with vital energy in your inner being during this full moon.

Venus, ruler of love and bonds, will also help you during this moon transit if your partner is in a routine moment. We will be with plenty of motivation and a lot of inspiration to connect with intimacy, appearing some hidden desires.


The Full Moon of June or "strawberry" presents us with many opportunities in these days to be able to relate in a different way with our inner self, with our bonds and with love.

We must always remember that each sign can be affected in different ways by the moon, remembering the connection with the natural elements of each house of the zodiac.

Try to connect with this Full Moon in Sagittarius, to be able to face the goals that you have left at this time, a balance of the middle of the year and a proposal of personal improvement ready to begin.

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