The Birth Chart is divided into 12 houses and each one represents an area in our life. This is more about the dynamic with which we interact with the world. We will tell you what the 12 houses are and what they mean!


When we speak of "houses" in astrology, we refer to a system in which the sky is divided into twelve sections. They are a symbolic space, related to the real space in which all the phenomena of our lives take place.

The house in which a planet is located is the place where it will manifest its energy, we see this when we observe our Birth Chart. When a planet enters the area, it is said to be in "House No. X" and refers to the influence it will have in that place.

The planets that are in each house at the time of our birth determine the different aspects of our personality and the structure of the houses symbolize the individual personality.

What are the 12 astrological houses and what do they mean? 

House I:  It is the Ascendant. It is the deepest part of your personality, something of you that you often do not even know yourself. Your identity to the world and your external aspects, in other words, how others see us. Our image and our mask when facing the world. Corresponds to the sign of ARIES.

House II: Money, material things, and work. How we get and manage the resources we need. Attachment and detachment, administration, savings and debts: what place they occupy in your life and how you relate to them. Our internal and material wealth. Corresponds to the sign of TAURUS.


House III: The closest thing to us, our studies, our short trips. How we learn and communicate. What necessarily surrounds us, the family and involuntary relationships. Your lessons and the changes in your life. It is related to our language and logical thinking as well as our short-term plans. Corresponds to the sign of GEMINI.

House IV: The family, home, parents, and inheritance. Your home of origin and the one you start with your family. Daily life, your surroundings, your geography, but also your roots, your ancestors, and where you are heading. Corresponds to the sign of CANCER.

House V: It refers to how I express myself. The expression of creativity, sexuality, romance, it is the home of children, of fertility, procreation, and of individual projects. The pleasant and rewarding things, all the arts, the theater in the Greek sense of the term, as an art of representation but also as sport and competition. Corresponds to the sign of LEO

House VI: It addresses our relationship with work. Our way of serving others. What we still need to complete in the world. The routine, the relationship with our body, habits, our diet, illnesses, the relationship with our colleagues at work. Corresponds to the sign of VIRGO.


House VII: Also known as Descending. Relationships, unions, marriage, everything that has to do with cooperation and commitment, both spiritual and material. It has to do with our relationship with adversaries or people who are opposed to or in conflict with us. It understands our full relationship with others. Corresponds to the sign of LIBRA. 

House VIII: What is needed from others. It is the house of deep relationships, of psychological depth. Of the management of other people's resources. Sexuality and death (psychological or physical). Inheritances and legacies. Corresponds to the sign of SCORPIO.

House IX: It is associated with a person's psychology. Our life philosophy, beliefs. How we develop and expand our consciousness. Our superior knowledge. Travel abroad, spirituality, religion. Inner trips. Corresponds to the sign of SAGITTARIUS.

House X: Called Midheaven. Profession, destiny, vocation. Mother. The search for a purpose in life. Who we are in the society in which we live in. It is also associated with the figures we reference in our lives. Corresponds to the CAPRICORN sign.


House XI: It addresses our relationship with friends, fortune, popularity. The consciousness of belonging to the group, how our ego expands in the world. Our way of contributing socially. Identity through groups and the community. Social awareness. Corresponds to the AQUARIUS sign.

House XII: It is the end of the cycle. It has to do with what we have received from the ancestors, psychological inheritances of previous generations, of parents or grandparents. It has to do with our inner self and with the difficulties that each one of us will have to face in life, because we all have tests we must pass, and that is what will make us grow and evolve towards higher states. It addresses the unconscious and what we repress. It is basically our unconscious potential. Corresponds to the sign of PISCES.