The TAROT can give you information about love and your heart. Did you know that you only need a few clues and you will have in your hands a valuable tool of discovery!

Today we will teach you how to make a self-consultation about health, yours or someone close to you. For this we will work with the Major Arcana, so you must separate the 22 of your deck, and leave the rest of the cards stored in their bag or box in another room, or distant from where you are going to do the spread.

Tips for a successful spread:

Never draw more cards than initially planned because you don't like what you got. Deepen your look and you will understand, broaden your analysis, give yourself time. Suspend and reread the same cards later. But do not insist on finding the card you want. There are no "good" and "bad" cards. Fate is not twisted. And there are no "bad" spreads.

Remember that nothing is interpreted "literally": Death does not mean that someone is going to die, and The Hanged Man does not say that someone is going to die. In the same way that The Empress will not turn you into one, nor will The Madman drive you mad. They are symbols and you must go beyond the apparent, see their meaning.


What if I don't have a Tarot deck?

To perform a self Tarot spread you must have your own deck, but if you are unable to buy one, there is no problem in doing it. It will be an extra activity that will add a personal touch to your spread. With much attention and love, try to reproduce each figure of the 22 Major Arcana, there will be magic in the loving dedication you put into the making and care of each figure.

Try to clearly differentiate one figure from the others. On the Internet you will find many figures to inspire you, and you should analyze well the characteristics and meaning of each one, because every detail is important. You can draw, paint, make collages, or use the computer. Whatever is most pleasing to you. That deck will represent you, it will be uniquely yours, and it will have your energy.


How to do the spread on love?

If the theme of the self-reading you will do will be love and how your heart is, we advise you to choose three cards that will complement and influence each other.

Each arcane represents a state, a theme, a stage of your feelings, a strength or a weakness. You must analyze and understand them according to your history. Do not focus on just one card. Always relate the three.

It's simple: shuffle the cards carefully and after spreading them face down on the table, select the three that catch your attention, follow your instinct! Here we will give you a guide on the relationship of each of the Major Arcana with love, so you can begin your readings.


The Major Arcana and Love

1- The Fool: Indicates that your heart is happy in general. It represents the basis of love bonds, its mobility and the flexibility that is given in your heart. This card shows you that many times overthinking can be your weak point.

2- The Magician: Good love, because we are regaining confidence and vital energy. Inner reflection, dialogue and self-care are the key to trust your partner.

3- The Priestess or Papisa: A time of fertility and absolute feminine energy. She represents your inner emotions, related to feminine and dual ancestral aspects that forge your current partner or the future one you want to build.

4- The Empress: A balanced love, but with ups and downs, as we love excesses and adventures. The heart can deliver good love in abundance. In order for it to expand, you must accept an internal growth.


5- The Emperor: In general the state is of a good heart, healthy and with many longings. Very affectionate love that wants to give and receive.

6- The Pope: Shows crisis and recovery. The heart needs healing, but will be ready to hear again the call of love and spiritual healing.

7- The Lover: A distracted heart, with ragged breathing. Ups and downs and moments of uncertainty because of not knowing what decisions to make among so many alternative paths.

8- The Chariot: An energetic love, with a lot of vitality and emotion. It is also perceived an internal search, of balance and of knowing what we long for the future.

9- Justice: A heart that seems a little dazed, but seeks to balance promptly. Accepting that the options are what is available now.

10- The Hermit: A hard heart, in the process of recovery. Steady progress is being made, but there are few pigeonholes available.


11- The Wheel of Fortune: Changes are coming in the heart that appear much faster than we expected. Almost unexpectedly.

The speed of this internal mechanism makes you consume a lot of internal energy. Your emotional states are erratic and you go from being very well to being with low energy; or from feeling bad to directly feeling great.

12- The Force: A vital heart, full of strength, impulse, growth and progress in the decisions of the couple.

13- The Hanged Man: A love with little flame, with little energy or vitality. You are at a time when you must make a decision and get out of that space.

14- Death: A somewhat fragile or weakened heart. Seeking affection, love and affection can help you get back on your feet.

15- Temperance: The ordered and firm heart. Of an important vitality, with projection of well-being in the short term.

16- The Devil: An exclusive moment for you, where your heart longs for you to nourish your inner self.


17- The Tower: The fundamental pillar that feeds your heart needs to be revised. Your values must be put to the test again.

18- The Star: Your heart is in peace and harmony. Whether single or with a steady partner, you are at the right time and have no regrets.

19- The Moon: Your heart possesses doubts, has some emotional intermittency. Try to put a pause to your emotions as some of them are fleeting.

20- The Sun: A heart radiant with love and vitality. An energy and a light that spreads emotionality 100%.

21- The Judgment: The heart needs to be balanced. We need to connect with our inner self by meditating, doing some kind of exercise that reconnects us with self-love.

22- The World: The heart is open and well predisposed to heal. You must stop worrying about the rest and give free rein to the limits of love.

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