Both Tarot readings and palm line readings give us key information about our lives. Discover in the next article details of both millenary practices.

When we talk about Tarot and Palmistry, we are placing ourselves in the arts of futurology with more tradition and history.

The importance of both practices lies in the possibility of knowing certain answers about our future and our learning in life. The Tarot turns out to be a much broader tool, since the energy of the person and the questions asked to the deck, will give us an interpretation of what the Arcana manifest. Remembering that the oracle in charge of the Tarot reading will answer the questions raised in each Tarot session.

The Palmistry is also a practice of guidance about our life and the future, but the reading of each hand, gives us general information about features and pillars of our lives.

In both cases, they are interpretations made by the person in charge of doing the reading, either of the cards or of the palms of the hands.

We must also remember that the future is changeable, that the answers obtained result from information: a kind of reflection of something we were not contemplating.

Both in the Tarot cards and in the lines of our hands, we can find variations throughout life, since it is not the same to ask something when you are twenty years old, than when you are thirty or forty years old.


What is Palmistry?

If we base ourselves on the divination technique called Palmistry, we have to contemplate that it is a very personalized experience.
Since it is the palm of your hand, you will have to understand that much of the information that is provided at the time of the consultation may mutate in the distant future. It is a kind of photograph at the moment of what is read on your hand, since the shape, the surface, its textures and lines may change over time and months.

It will depend on what decision we make in our life to understand that our hands, the palm specifically, are the reflection of our inner being, of our day to day, of what we do with them.


What information can be obtained from our hands?

When analyzing the hand you will observe all its shape, the size, obviously the lines that make up the palm, the intersection of those "mounts" and various details.

You will be able to choose which hand to start the reading with, it is always recommended to start with the most "skillful" hand, the one you usually use to write a letter for example.

This is because the information that appears there will be about your most conscious register, about your reality and your actuality.

On the other hand, the other hand will show us past or future situations and scenarios. Some unconscious fears, which may come from the past and may manifest in future needs. Some problems that may not have been healed from the past and may follow you into the future.

Note that there will be an interpretation of the lines of both hands, but usually both palms will be interpreted interrelated: past-present-future. Depending on the palm, but the left palm is usually linked to congenital records, (from our maternal link), while the right palm is associated with post-birth information.


Surely when you look at your palms you will notice that the lines that form them are very similar, that is why we compare both hands and try to identify the small differences between them.

What should we observe then?

There are five main lines or grooves: the line of life, the line of wisdom, the line of love, the line of destiny and the line of "Mount Venus".

The life line or "earth line" is the one that extends near the thumb, and will show us how our overall health and physical life energy is. It also shows us whether we are "rooted in the earth" or have a tendency to "migrate".

If this line is thin and deep, it represents a person of good health and a prosperous life. If, on the contrary, it is a short line, it may indicate a state of health with problems, sensitive to getting sick and feeling uncomfortable.

If it is thin and deep, it means that the person has good health and longevity; if it is short, they may have weak health, often get sick, so they are sensitive and suspicious and often feel uncomfortable.

We may also find that the line appears with a pronounced curvature, representing that this person may long to change space in his life, moving to another country, another city, another place to be more stable.

If this line has ramifications or other lines that compose it, it may also represent that this person is very "controlling" or "jealous" of his or her ties.


The line "of the head" or wisdom, this line will extend from the middle of the thumb and index finger, moving towards the end of the palm. This line is very important as it shows us how our personality and thoughts are partly manifested in the mind.

If this line appears in an extensive and clear way, the person will manifest his being with a free spirit, autonomous and with a lot of strength to move forward. In order to move forward in life, building a good reputation, we must maintain a constant effort when we decide to do so. If we do not maintain and fertilize this idea day by day, we will be in trouble.

If the line appears too long, it would imply that the ego dominates our inner being, discarding thoughts for other beings. Excessive confidence can be a double-edged sword.
If the line appears too short, it may imply that this person is not developing in a very complete way in his life, that he is in a daily repetition of survival goals: work, eat and sleep.
If the line appears in a less orderly and linear way, it may denote irregularity in thoughts and ways of looking at life. It could be a somewhat disordered life, with a high level of irritation when trying to enter into it.


The love or "heart" line will appear just below the little finger, reaching the index finger. This line may show some aspects of your love bonds and the state of your heart.

If this line appears in a clear and elongated way, it represents a very attractive person with a very interesting life from the point of view of couples throughout their existence.

If, on the contrary, the line that appears is very short, this person does not think about other people, but only about himself. He feels lonely and rejects people because he does not consider them as similar beings.

If the line appears thin and with a falling slope, this person seems to be of a very quiet character, who is not looking for opportunities and does not want to take the reins in a relationship. Their indecisiveness makes them a beggar for love.

If, on the other hand, there are no clear lines, there are many other confusing lines, it will represent a person not very connected with their emotions and feelings. By not being aligned with the heart, she harms herself and the person with whom she is linked.


The "career" or destiny line will appear from the beginning of the wrist to the middle finger of the hand. If it is presented in a concrete and clear way, this line manifests a peaceful, stable life, with a career of many achievements and professional advances.

If a curved or intermittent line appears on the palm, it means an unstable life from its goal of professional or academic training. A development with frequent changes.
If, on the contrary, a straight and long line emerges, this person has a very high dose of luck. No matter what he undertakes or does, chance and fortune will accompany him with success.

If it is presented in a disorderly way, it will represent a closed and unempathetic person. Not being receptive to the opinions and advice of other loved ones around you will isolate you for good. Impulsive decisions are the ones that characterize your life's journey, losing the direction of the future.


Finally, the Mount Venus, this is a very narrow and short line that appears between the love line and the little finger.

This line will give us a reflection on love and romantic relationships, especially it evaluates the union with a long term commitment in the future.
If it is clear and extends horizontally, we may have a chance to find that "special" person and project a life full of love.

If the line is unclear, it will show a tendency not to maintain a commitment over time and not to actively seek it. Couples are short-lived and the bond is not deep.
With the appearance of two lines, it may denote that the future is not so certain in this matter, the paths are divided, you can form a stable couple, but you can also change to another at some point.

When two lines appear very close and with different lengths, a triangular love will appear at some point in life.

If the line that appears above is longer, then you will meet a person before formalizing. On the contrary, if the line above is shorter, it could show that you will have links with other people after that formal relationship.

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