The planets have a certain influence on our personality, they map our character traits and our way of living life. Here we offer a test so that you may discover what planet you identify with and what your character traits are. Dare to do it and learn more about yourself!

It's simple! Choose which of these seven stars you identify with and find our your specific dominant traits"

1) MOON:  The moon connects with maternal aspects, not necessarily the mother nor the feminine figure, but rather those elements of protection and care. It is close, known, and familiar things. You are alert to all who are around you, you watch while they symbolically sleep, you are not distracted, you find out what's wrong with them, you are a sensible and generous person. You do not like to be the center of attention and prefer to be low key but aware. Sometimes you isolate yourself and prefer calm conversations on the fringes of the party. You are a sensible spirit. Sometimes you have unexplained bouts of bad mood, but they pass quickly. it is nice to spend time with you. 


2) MERCURY: You are someone who connects people, you know how to establish ties and you get along with people. You do not like conflicts, you are good with words, fun, and sociable. But you do not like to speak of yourself much and you guard you intimacy. You need time on your own, and if that desire is respected then you feel good. Sometimes a bit stubborn, but you are always open to dialogue and the tiffs get resolved. You are good company at a soiree. 

3) VENUS: Seduction is your thing. You know how to identify yourself with others and feel empathy and you project it. People feel good around you for that reason. It is the planet that symbolizes complementing things and that is where its attraction resides. You know how to harmonize and enjoy, you value art and aesthetics, you watch your image and are a harmonious person. You are agreeable and you do not feel good about the conflicts you tend to move away from. Your empathy leads you to involve yourself in charitable causes, since you know how to mediate and you like to collaborate with others. You are educated, kind, and it is nice to be by your side. 


4) SUN: The sun represents the capacity or desire for leadership. The sun is in charge of setting your sights and maintaining unity. This is how you strengthen groups, families, and work teams. But at the cost of delaying your own desires to the background, since you always put the wishes of others before your own and the needs of the group as well. You may accept this, but sometimes your family has conflicts with being pushed back, since your task requires a delicate balance, and the rest of the planets shine reflecting your light.  You are happy in leadership and even more when your projects are completed, you are loyal and generous, and you always must show safety and confidence even though you do not feel it. Sometimes you feel distant, and that hurts. You are afraid of being wrong and you feel alone. 

5) MARS: You are the warrior of the zodiac, the fighter, the one who does not give in, the one who is happy when faced with the challenges of life, and it gives meaning to your existence. You are the warrior that sets out to conquer all: values, love, work, and pleasure. You have courage and energy and love overcoming obstacles. You are independent and go out into the world, you like to fend for yourself and do not appreciate things being done for you or having them provided. If you fail, you pull yourself together and renew your fight. You fear not being loved, sometimes it is hard for you to control your impulses. You are a good companion on the road of life.


6) JUPITER: It is a great planet, doer of great things. You are confidence in growth, the pleasure of learning, the optimism and the extroversion. You are thankful and enthusiastic and believe in the positive things of life and in people. You like new projects, always planning something, you have an energy that is shared with others, and they like to be with you. You like to grow, and sometimes act as a guide for others on the path of overcoming. Even pain serves as a lesson to you. You do not like to complain. You are deep and open to different beliefs. You do not like to discriminate against anyone. You are a friend to the universe. 

7) SATURN: The least visible planet to the naked eye. You are mature, realistic, and know your limits. Organized, realistic, and solid, your frustrations show you how to fix your path. You are wise, tending to be too severe. You do not like changes, nor surprises and you prefer to stick to a fixed path. You get along with authority figures, but you do not feel good when questioned. You do not feel comfortable working as a team, you prefer a vertical relationship, with subordinates that respect you. You are pragmatic and responsible. You know that slowly but surely you will reach the goal you set. You are patient and persevering, people ask your advice and trust you. 


The three remaining planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were not considered for many centuries because of their great distance from the Sun, therefore we do not consider their astrological influence, since their energies are dispersed due to the distance. 

We hope you have enjoyed this game and that it has led you to think about the aspects of your conduct that you perceive daily!