If you want to make a gift and surprise a special person, nothing better than to look at their zodiacal energies and study their sign to hit the key. We want to help you with some suggestions based on the energy base of each zodiac sign.

What to give as a gift to Aries?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, with a positive (masculine) nature and cardinal quality. They are quite schematic, organized and applied, so a good agenda, even personalized, will be quite useful. It is never too much to think about giving them a massage session to relax and pamper themselves. A good desk organizer will be more than welcome.

What to give as a gift to Taurus?

Tauruses are passionate, persistent and sometimes even stubborn people. They don't like changes, so if it's a Taurus, we recommend you to go for the classic. Of course, they value style and class. Taking this into account, if it is a woman, a fragrance of the classic brands will be a sure hit. In the same line, high-end creams and make-up are good options. If he is a man, cufflinks and even play with his favorite character. If he is more conservative, a good tie will not fail. Whatever you choose, don't forget that they like to have quality over quantity.


What to give as a gift to Gemini?

Gemini people tend to be very dynamic, eloquent, social; they like to undertake but do not always have the constancy to follow through, but without a doubt, they have plenty of enthusiasm. A good gift option would be a gym pass or a voucher to learn to play a new sport. Makeup classes for a woman if she is flirtatious will not fail. Is he adventurous? Camping or trekking items can work very well.

What to give as a gift to Cancer?

Cancerians are very sensitive and sometimes even dramatic people. Romantic, they appreciate gestures and details like no other. For them it is important to take into account the personalization of the gift. A book with a dedication from the writer; pictures or framed photos that transport them to happy times. Anything with a bit of sentiment will be very well received, perhaps even with a few tears of gratitude!


What to give as a gift to Leo?

Leo people are practical and determined, they know what they want, but at the same time, they hide a high sensitivity that is uncovered when someone touches the right key.

As they like practicality and functional objects, when thinking of gifts for them, do not forget simple items such as small appliances that save time. A device for reading digital books, wireless headphones for exercising, among other similar options. Do not forget their hedonistic side, which will appreciate a spa voucher for massages or luxury treatments and why not, a good bottle of champagne.

What to give as a gift to Virgo?

Discreet but funny, kind and sometimes a little introverted and insecure. For all this, to conquer a Virgo person, you have to choose gifts like them, simple, but that allow them to feel fulfilled. Cooking classes to learn something new; books or a subscription to a magazine on a subject that interests them. It is a matter of making them feel at ease.


What to give as a gift to Libra?

Libyans" in general, are very social people, they like to converse and to be hosts, to entertain their guests and to be the center of the party. They like classy and elegant objects. For a Libra, a good gift could be a set of crystal glasses; handicrafts, a painting by a renowned artist. So can dinners in luxurious restaurants; a bottle of good whiskey, etc.

What to give as a gift to Scorpio?

Scorpio people have a vigorous character, they are determined and have no problem in manifesting their power. Observant and analytical, they should not just "comply" with them. When dealing with a Scorpio, you can think of a special or rare edition of a book they like; a good-looking watch; a designer shirt; technology for sports such as a smart watch, a heart rate monitor with GPS, among other options.


What to give as a gift to Sagittarius?

Optimistic, cheerful, and a bit careless at times. They will enjoy gifts related to outdoor activities such as a sleeping bag, camping gear; a globe to mark their travel destinations or a journal to write down their exploits. Clothing with a more hippie style, aboriginal tribal crafts.

What to give as a gift to Capricorn?

Demanding, determined with what they want, and even a little strict. Subscriptions to magazines of interest, or to a wine or whiskey club, or to a specialized fitness center will not fail them. They will not disapprove of gifts such as a good watch, jewelry and technology such as a music player or designer speakers.


What to give as a gift to Aquarius?

It is said that Aquarius is not materialistic and values all kinds of gifts that have a purpose. It would be interesting to give them a charitable experience; jewelry with stones that carry special meaning; tickets to see an art exhibition or to an emerging music group, etc.

What to give as a gift to Pisces?

They are very emotional people, with great empathic capacity, which also makes them very fond of art. It is not a bad idea to think about paintings, decorative pots and even bouquets of exotic flowers. A photo session with your loved ones with a professional photographer can change your mood for the rest of the year.

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