In the Marseille Tarot the images, the shapes and also the colors have their meaning and knowing them is essential to expand the knowledge that can give us about ourselves, do you dare to discover the meaning of each color?


The colors are part of the universal energy, which is in constant motion activating our energy and mood stimulation. Each culture has its own version about the symbolisms of colors, but they all agree on something: the color is born from the fight between light and darkness, the color is light modified by darkness, and according to which one predominates, and it is the range of colors that appears

In the Tarot, colors can give us a lot of information about our moment in life. Each card has predominant colors, and these will tell us different things about our energy and our aura, detailing information about our inner state (personal, mood and mental). They will clarify and guide us towards a detailed and accurate reading. But what does each particular color mean? Find out below!


What does the color BLUE in Tarot mean?

This color indicates serenity, calm, peace. It is also a symbol of healing, so the moment it appears is important. It is linked to wisdom and deep knowledge, to the knowledge of the arcana. It is a color of generosity and trust. You must associate it with the question you asked.

What does the color YELLOW mean in Tarot?

Clarity, positive energy, strength and vitality. Referred to projects and the future, it is a very powerful color. Augurs changes and success in what you plan to undertake. We see it in the Arcana: The Magician, The Force and The Sun.

What does the GREEN color in Tarot mean?

It has to do with growth and development. It speaks of a harmonious display of our personality, healthy guided by the natural. Emotional stability and clear vision. We find it in the letters of The Judgment and The Hermit.

What does the color RED in Tarot? 

It is the color of all fires, the one that consumes everything and the one that shelters with its heat. It represents passion, intense love, the absence of emotional limit. The arcane of Lovers has it.


What does the WHITE color mean in Tarot?

It represents purity, innocence; but also naivety and ignorance of the essential. What is beyond predictability, what escapes adulthood. The card that contains it is the Fool. 

What does the ORANGE color in Tarot mean?

A very powerful color that is linked to life, evolution, the force of freedom. The healing and what does not die. The emotional and health, which overcomes the difficulties. The cards most associated with this color are the Wheel of Fortune and The World.


What does the color BLACK mean in Tarot?

Black is a non-color, the absence of light that dyes, the void that allows something new and different to be installed. Always talk about change and transformation. It includes the duel and the farewell of what is no longer and the welcome to what will come. It is found in the letters of Death and the Tower.

With this guide, you can now play to ask your question and see what the tarot cards tell you with their colors!