The zodiac is divided into 12 astrological houses, each of these houses represents a domino of our life and according to what influence it has on the natal chart we have of Jupiter the expansion and empowerment will be felt in that area.

It is the largest planet and its mass is about 318 times higher than planet earth. It rotates very quickly, its rotation period being less than 10 hours. It takes more than 10 years to complete a revolution around the Sun.

In astrology the archetype of Jupiter is known for its virtues of expanding, growing, giving vitality and good fortune. It also relates to knowledge, optimism, vocation and the development of social qualities. It is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces, but surely you should already know that the zodiac is divided into 12 astrological houses and that each of these houses represents a domain of our life. According to what house of the natal chart we have Jupiter, the expansion and empowerment in that area of our personality will be felt.

Jupiter in house 1
If this is your case, you will feel that this is a powerful Jupiter since it falls into the house of the ascendant, this will dye your personality "Jupiterian". Stimulating the enthusiasm and optimism of others, they have a personality of great magnetism and charisma .

Jupiter in house 2
These are people with a lot of confidence in themselves that crystallizes in the facility to generate economic and material resources. Self-sufficiency: sometimes they spend too much but tend to benefit from having to pay the bills.


Jupiter in house 3
Personal characteristics of an infinite curiosity will be presented. Coming from a home where debate and mental openness of various issues and situations were stimulated. Communicate and transmit are the consonant verbs of this house. Excess interest can lead to lack of depth .

Jupiter in house 4
This energy predisposes to a very lucky family life. They feel very identified with the linking structure of "family nest" and the community to which they belong. My home is the world. They are usually very generous people when it comes to helping others .
Jupiter in house 5
Propitious position to have children when planning. They are passionate about life and very playful people. They are very sure of themselves and in some cases they can be a bit egotistical .


Jupiter in house 6
The link with the work of these natives is very significant in their existence as well as the service towards others. With Jupiter in this house, we are open to constantly improve and learn about our life and the journey we have in it .

Jupiter in house 7
The couple definitely gives meaning to life and power to all people with Jupiter in VII. It is easy to create work links, favorable with this emplacement.

Jupiter in house 8
The favored people in this house will receive benefits from the investments they make, insurance and inheritance. They are characterized by being very intense in a sexual level. They are very resistant people, who have a great facility to recover. Talent to understand worlds, it is possible to be connected with the unconscious, dreams, imagination, this is very characteristic of these people .


Jupiter in house 9
Jupiter is at home, so they both resonate with the same themes, sheds light on his own philosophy, beliefs and ideals. The path can be traveled by focusing on real or internal travel, higher education, or through experiences and beliefs full of spiritual significance.

Jupiter in house 10
It facilitates prestige and a good reputation. They are beings who seek the meaning of life and their own fulfillment through career and recognition. No matter what occupation they have, they provide a high degree of energy and enthusiasm .


Jupiter in house 11

This location gives a very sociable personality. Membership in groups or collectives fundamentally because it is an enriching experience to feel on its axis.
Jupiter in house 12
Mystics, pacifists, "shamans", healers or inspiring artists. They have a quite introspective personality and may have some psychic ability that they eventually develop very naturally.

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