The Moon in the Natal Chart is the element that shows how from birth the energies of the baby and its parents are linked. The lunar factor in a birth chart has to do with the prenatal experiences of the child and the dynamics of development in the early years.

The zodiac sign of the Moon usually coincides with the way of being of the mother or the one who is in charge of raising that child. It is the emotional self and relates to the type of energy that brings us emotional security throughout our lives.

It is important then that you can recognize and learn about your Moon and transport yourself to those moments of childhood to understand situations, fights or moments of love or you can simply see reflected the bond with your mother or father today.

Moon in Aries: It takes us back to a childhood with a very impulsive mother. Beyond the specific mother, the world around these people during their childhood is often permeated with activity, bodily display, aggressiveness and, in many cases, verbal and even physical violence. These people demonstrate affection by taking action. Men with this Moon like cheerful, determined women who are not afraid of anything.

Moon In Taurus: Lovers of pleasures and highly connected with the five senses, natives with this moon can be defined as hedonists. Lidibinizing food is a very common mechanism. The Moon is ruler of Taurus, making it a comfortable position for them. The mothers of these children nurtured them with physical contact, nourishment and protection. For men with this Moon, eroticization and sensuality will be synonymous with love.


Moon in Gemini: Those born with this Moon are usually children who were very connected to language. From a very young age they know how to communicate with a large vocabulary. The libraries of the houses are usually very crowded. In the life of these natives there will be movements or trips with family cousins and friends. Men with this Moon like to be active, like to talk and are well predisposed to any unexpected plan.

Moon in Cancer: The Moon is very affine to Cancer. They are affectionate, sensitive, supportive and very empathetic people. They get in touch very easily with the emotional needs of others. They are people who transmit a lot of peace. Men with this moon like couples where there is protection, care and a lot of attention.


Moon in Leo: Great expressive ability, they tend to be artists. For one of the parents these children have been very special and have made them feel unique. They need to be admired and adored. They do not usually hide what they feel, their emotions are sincere and deep, they just can not avoid expressing them and sometimes seem very exaggerated. Men with this moon like beautiful, determined women with strong personalities.

Moon in Virgo: Order, cleanliness and structure calm these natives. They tend to realize that this is what the other needs. Mothers of children with this placement often have asked for the order she needed to calm down. Men with this moon like discreet women.


Moon in Libra: Great aesthetic sense, diplomatic, conciliatory, The demand of mothers of children with this moon is usually that they be accommodating. Their sensitivity to beauty gives them possibilities in art and activities linked to aesthetics. Men with this Moon like very feminine women who care about their image.

Moon in Scorpio: Natives with a lot of emotional intensity can support others when there are intolerable situations for the rest. They had a mother with a strong personality, intense and who taught them how to bounce back when life throws punches. Men with this moon love women who can compromise.


Moon in Sagittarius: Optimistic, friendly and cheerful people with a vocation for teaching. It is said that men with this moon like intelligent women who attract attention physically and are lovers of adventure. When they feel lost, they think of traveling, studying or physical training.

Moon in Capricorn: Responsible, serious, independent. In general, the mothers of these natives were also fathers or were somewhat authoritarian mothers. Men with this moon value women with projects and ambition..


Moon in Aquarius: Free, creative, intuitive, spontaneous, detached from the sentimental with all the good and bad that this entails. They are stimulated to investigate, experiment and learn. Men with this Moon like women with free spirit and unconventional relationships.

Moon in Pisces: The mothers of these natives tend to be mothers who find it very difficult to be present and to be able to protect and contain. This lack makes them people with a great capacity to know what the other needs. People with this moon in moments of imbalance consume substances that alter the consciousness to not think or sleep too much.

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