The Tarot and your zodiac sign have a hidden natural correlation. Discover in the following article how to enhance your Tarot reading and your vital energies under the sign of the zodiac that governs your being..

The relationship that exists between the Tarot and the signs of the zodiac is due to various energetic correspondences and natural elements that make up each card in the deck.

The Tarot deck has 78 cards divided into three groups: the Arcana (meaning mystery or secret) which are divided into Majors (22) and Minors (40); and 16 cards called trumps or honors.

Major Arcana: These are 22 special cards that only exist in the Tarot deck. Each arcane presents a figure with intense symbolism. Some examples of them are: The Empress, The Magician, Justice, The Hanged Man. We must not only understand the deeper meaning of each individual figure but also read it in relation to the other cards we have drawn from the deck.

Minor Arcana: There are 40 cards divided into four suits as in the Spanish deck (Golds, Clubs, Cups and Swords) or as in the English deck (Diamonds, Spades, Clubs and Hearts), which are numbered from one to ten.

The trumps or honors, so called because they represent the characters of the Court, royal figures. (Jacks, knights, queens and kings).


The Cards and their Zodiacal correspondences

Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - The Tarot Cups

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius - The Swords of the Tarot

Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - The Clubs of Wands of the Tarot

Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - The Gold or Pentacles of the Tarot

This relationship established between the different charts and their astrological associations can be understood by analyzing the link that exists between them. It turns out to be quite linear and associated with the nature of where this astral energy comes from.

Each sign has two Tarot cards associated with it that complement the energy present in the 12 signs of the zodiac. This duality of card-sign opens a deeper and more interesting scenario for a more comprehensive analysis and interpretation.

Analyze what each sign represents below:


The energy of Aries has traits of leadership, initiative, decision making, strength and dominance. The card most aligned with these characteristics is represented by the "Emperor". We can also study that this card can symbolize a trait of tyrant or despot, negative connotations of a mismanaged energy.

This "Emperor" can also represent those figures close to us in life, such as a parent, an older sibling or a boss in our work. There is that quality of bravery in Aries that can be connected with conquest and boldness.


The energy of Taurus is reflected with a receptive look, of active listening. Of a wide predisposition for collaboration and help. A Tarot card very aligned with this energy is reflected in the "Empress", a true representative of emotional stability, of peace in the home, of loving union, provoking the existence of the most beautiful and pleasant.

The earthly pleasures longed for by Taurus are materialized by this "Empress" who seeks prosperity in the beautiful things of life, growth and harmony of peace in the home.



Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is represented as a mystical figure, of skillful conditions, with great cunning, who tries to dominate the field of knowledge and intelligence. The Tarot card most in tune with this sign is "The Magician", representative of the powers that exist beyond knowledge. 

This card clearly identifies the power that exists behind the normalized functioning of the world and all that surrounds it. Challenging science and the balance of cunning. Reason and logic are the fundamental pillars for moving forward for both Gemini and "Magician" energy.


In this case, the zodiacal representation of Cancer can be associated in the same way as its ruler, the moon. The Tarot card of "The Moon" is the perfect one to associate with this sign. Similar to its zodiacal representation, Cancer's energy comes from the tranquility of water, from the depth of the night, from those feelings and emotions that manifest themselves at the surface of the skin.

Overflowing tears of love and dreams to materialize denote the reigning sensitivity in Cancer, like the shell of that crab, hard on the outside but soft on the inside.


The representation of the fire of Leo is clearly connected with the card of "The Force". This arcane in the Tarot denotes superiority when facing a situation. This feeling of inner security, of faith in what is about to be said or done connects us with the animal side that Leo possesses.

The power of conviction and a supernatural strength over the difficulty that we face in our daily lives, will be the light that guides us when defining this sign.



The sign of Virgo possesses a clear awareness of the search for perfection and purity. The reigning limitations allow him to seek absolute mastery of a subject or to tirelessly practice something until he achieves absolute mastery.

The card of the "Hermit" represented by this old man, allows us to connect it with this sign since in his hand, this lamp shows us an image of wisdom. A light that indicates to us the reflection and rationality with which one manages to dominate the superior sphere of every being: his mind, his passion and his openness to the truth.


The representation of balance and the scales of Libra gives us a direct connection with the Tarot card of "Justice". This symbolism represented by the respect of the laws, of the just measure and balance from what we say, do and its representation in real terms with our beliefs and values.

With seriousness and harmony, thoughts dominate all the emotionalities and impulse outbursts that this being possesses. Whatever we succeed in sowing, will be reaped as the harvest in life. It will be what it has to be for this divine law.


The perception of this astral sign refers us to the occult energies, taboo subjects and everything related to the hidden powers of your inner being. An energy of constant change and renewal that refers us to find a card in the Tarot deck that represents exactly that, the card of "Death". 

It is not a card that has a negative meaning, on the contrary, it is a card that represents evolution, change and transformation. The old should no longer continue, the present life is about new constructions and rebirth, making room for everything new.



We will be able to connect the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, with energies of spiritual representation. People with a lot of positive sense about life, with a clear facet of solidarity in their actions. You can also find a Sagittarian representation as the bridge or link between the material plane and the spiritual plane.

The card par excellence in the Tarot deck that can be connected with this sign is "The Pope". The supreme pontiff who connects "God" with "men". That wise man who brings hope and protection with guidance and wisdom from a more ideal plane, to a more concrete plane.


The energy represented in Capricorn can be widely connected with the card of the "Devil" in the Tarot.

The prince of earthly temptations, the darkest and most coveted parts of humans, comes to show us that all that material things that bind us to certain customs and facts that limit our lives and passions.

Power, fame, being able to acquire wealth, are linked to fears, frustrations. Thoughts conditioned by temptations often manage to distract us from our life's objective.



This sign will be represented by the card "The Star" in the Tarot. This arcane inspires us and illuminates the way towards the construction of a new future. Creativity in the ideas and decisions taken is fertilized by the search for a new well-being and a better future.

The ideals of change, of hope help us to look for changes, motivate us to discover new directions, giving us that feeling of freedom and youth that excites us so much when we feel in constant oppression by the daily obligations.


This sign of the zodiac shows us a unique dedication. A special and unprecedented spiritual quest that tries to give meaning to life. The Tarot card "The Hanged Man" represents this "sacrifice" (just as it is represented with the Cross or Jesus in Christianity). 

This connection manifests itself in a necessary paradigm shift of everything we were developing in life. To access and feel a more accurate representation of what we currently feel, we must achieve a total awakening. To let go of everything that connects us with the earthly world, to give a definitive place to our inner self.

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