Leading a healthy life is one of the hardest challenges because it is not about overcoming an obstacle but about running a constant race. Far from worrying, we want to give you some simple tips that can help you.

There are thousands of diets, philosophies, mantras and even religions that promise to transform your life completely. However, our daily routine, between work, social commitments, etc., often overwhelms us and does not allow us to maintain certain habits that are necessary to lead a healthy life both physically and mentally. That's why we want to give you these simple tips that you can start putting into practice today and feel the difference.


Sleep and rest

When we sleep, the body takes advantage and regenerates cells, eliminates toxins, and perform a lot of processes that allow us to continue our activities the next day. The liver works all night to cleanse our body. Therefore, it is necessary to give it enough time (between 6 and 8 hours). Otherwise, it will not only affect the organism, but also our mood, since we will feel irritable and tired to perform any other activity.

Water, water water!

Experts claim that water is 60% to 75% of our body. It is essential for the processes that occur constantly in it, therefore, hydrating is essential to keeping us healthy, having a healthy skin and helping the function of our organs. And it's not a secret that many times, when we think we feel hungry, it actually turns out to be thirst! Drinking enough water (2 to 3 liters a day) keeps hunger at bay, which also helps us toe the line. Do not forget the famous trick of drinking a glass of water before each meal to "cheat the stomach".


Develope your muscles and your strength.

Muscles resist all the efforts we make and need to be a great support for our bones. Over the years, we lose muscle mass and this has dire consequences for motor skills. Having strong muscles helps us to be more vigorous and avoids other problems such as disc hernias, which can appear in a weak back. Also, training the muscles and developing strength will cause the basal metabolism (the resting metabolism) to increase and with it, the burning of calories will be higher compared to if you did not do this type of work.

Flexible diet (but with moderation)

Learning to diversify food, including personal tastes, makes the adherence to a feeding plan be prolonged. If you cut out all the things you like and follow a strict diet, you will most likely end up binge-eating "forbidden" food at the slightest carelessness, or end up obsessing with what you can or can not eat. Food must be flexible, allowing tastes but always moderation, taking care of portions and frequency.


Eat your greens

This expression is more than advice, it is a golden rule. "Eat your greens", eat vegetables, whenever you can and of all types. Vegetables, especially greens, are loaded with nutrients and have very few calories. Most have a lot of fiber which gives a feeling of fullness and are very versatile. It is not about eating only a lettuce salad, but to include vegetables such as celery, broccoli, spinach, arugula, coriander, among others, in any type of preparation. It's about being creative and enjoying something very healthy.

Surround yourself with affections

According to an 80 year study led by Harvard professor Robert Waldinger, there is a direct tie between relationships, happiness, and health. Cultivating positive and affectionate relationships helps us with many things such as stress management, sleep, intellectual capacity, among other benefits. So share with the people you love, create new relationships, and do not neglect them because they will take care of you.