The most important eclipses are solar eclipses, like the one we will be able to enjoy this upcoming July 2. What will it be like and how will it affect each sign?


A very powerful light source will be hidden from us, lessening the light on the planet. In doing so, it will reveal certain characteristics we usually ignore, since that much light sometimes blinds us. We will change our views on our problems, and by doing so we will amplify our worldview.

The solar eclipses only happen during a new moon, since the sun and the moon must be aligned, placing the moon between the sun and the earth in its trajectory. This upcoming eclipse will be visible in several countries in South America: It will start to be seen in the South Pacific and will end in Rio de la Plata. 

The darkening caused by it will help us to say goodbye to the things that no longer have a place in our life: but remember that nothing will be lost since we always move forward, incorporated our experiences and open to new things.  We let go to receive, and we open our hearts to what is growing. Say goodbye to the things you no longer love, and go out and search for the things that are waiting for you. Every time something ends, something begins!

Since it is happening in Cancer, which is the first sign of the water element, the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will have a greater impact than the rest. Remember that the influence of the eclipse lasts about six months. Any movement in these areas start with a planetary approval.


How will the total Solar Eclipse affect each sign?

ARIES: Ideal time for fellowship, feeling what others feel. Seeing others as partners and brothers, lessening rivalries.

TAURUS: Work on accepting the unexpected, understanding that whatever happens will be a lesson. Open your heart to new things without fear.

GEMINI: Try to accept yourselves as unique and valuable beings, enable your desire and fight for what you love. Allow yourselves to advance towards your goals.


CANCER: Stand strong, defend your home, protect your own with your love. Bless life and create alliances, accept the past and look to the future.

LEO: Take advantage of opportunities, and don't blame yourself for what you have not done, because there is always more to come. Everything happens at the right time. Light is coming to your life.

VIRGO: Be positive. Push away nonexistent ghosts that only stop you on your path. Try for new beginnings!

LIBRA: Feel free to dissent with what you no longer want and separate it from your lives. Say goodbye to the things that no longer make you happy.

SCORPIO: Speak clearly without being hurtful. Face your doubts. Be honest with yourselves. Have faith in those around you. Open your heart.

SAGITTARIUS: Do not take charge of everything. Let go of what is stopping you and is not making you happy. Careful with excessive responsibility. It is time to let go.


CAPRICORN: Time for change, for flexibility. Without fear. Nothing is worse that moving forward with something we no longer believe in. Let those who love you get closer.

AQUARIUS: Make the changes you need in your daily life and stop dreaming about them. It is time to act. Live in the present!

PISCES: Be more responsible, do not postpone everything because life does not wait, everything happens today. It is there for you, you can enjoy this change that will bring you more peace.