"And one day we had to go back", is the typical phrase that we repeat over and over again to be able to resume the routine. The mixture of sensations between the enjoyment of what happened and the beginning of what awaits us is usually a moment of discouragement for many. 

But... Don't worry! In the following article we share with you ways to make this return as bearable as possible.

How to resume your activity: ARIES - TAURUS - GEMINIS - CANCER

Organize yourself the day before the start of the workday.

Starting over requires a time of adaptation. If we arrive late and then pretend to go to work the next day it is possible that it will give you the feeling of disorder and we assure you that later it will be more difficult to stabilize. At least it is important that you already have everything ready to leave home: clothes, bag, papers, computer, etc. Somehow we predispose ourselves to avoid unforeseen events upon our return. Not to mention the feeling of going to sleep with everything ready for the first day to be a success.


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Take stock of what you like about your work and what you want to change. 

It always happens when we go on vacation, there is a time to become reflective. These are the moments that we should take advantage of to make the most of it and gain momentum. For example, if you usually stay late and decide that you are not going to do it anymore, it is a unique opportunity to start. Every day is a new challenge to achieve what you set out to improve. This will keep you motivated and at the same time focused on the priorities you defined, valuing what makes you happy in your job or open to new possibilities (if your goal is to change it). A clean and focused mind is the perfect combination to put us into action and build the new year ahead. 


How to resume your activity: SAGITTARIUS - CAPRICORN - AQUARIUS - PISCES?

Order and more order.

The first days are key to accommodate everything we left pending "for when we return from vacation". Generally we tend to procrastinate and procrastinate too much on the understanding that upon our return we will have much more energy to face the more complex issues. Well, it is time to put everything in its place and feel satisfied with it. Fix the backlog of issues, organize that hard conversation you left for this moment. Tidy up the email inbox, with those emails that were left pending when you left. Throw away the papers that are no longer useful, contact that difficult to deal with supplier or client. Try to hold meetings and organize the agenda in the best possible way. The sooner we get these issues out of the way, the more time we will have to dedicate to the matters we proposed as a priority for this year.

Let's organize urgency so as not to live in a constant emergency. This is what causes wear and tear and we finally realize that we "need a vacation" again..



Balance personal life with work

Coming back with energy has its advantages, but if we do not manage it in the right way, it can exhaust us and end up stressing us out.

Although 100% leisure time is over, it doesn't mean that after our workday we can't still "be on vacation". Of course we can! It's a great time to organize events, have dates with friends we haven't seen for a long time, go to those places that we always put off for another time during the year because of the routine... What if we become tourists of our city?

And what if we make of all our days a moment to celebrate? The official vacations are over but... what if we take advantage and make this an opportunity to enjoy every moment and make it special?

Reconnecting is inevitable, making it bearable is optional, so let's go for it!

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