Feeling judged, ignored, being lied to, we all have something that sets off our nerves. What drives you mad? How will you react when you lose your patience? Discover the answers here , sign by sign!

1. What drives the signs of Fire crazy? 

Aries: Luckily Aries will compose themselves throughout the years, because when they are you they fall apart easily. They are very active and are always going from one side to the other, that is why they always seem to be on the edge of an attack. But since they don't like to lose control, they express it as a headache, migraines, or just isolation and a desire to be alone. They don't want to be seen that way, so just let them be, they will get over it...


Leo: If there are many outings, parties, and friends, it is often how Leo evade conflicts. They do not like to show weakness at all, they feel that their dignity will be affected if they do, that is why they will avoid a situation as much as possible. When they burst, because I assure they also burst, it will be like a volcano erupting. They also do not like you to remind them they are not unique in their things, they need to feel special.

Sagittarius: They are active and have a lot of energy, but they get unbalanced. They will analyze the situation, and will do something new and adventurous, but they will never go crazy. Do not expect this from them. They will always surprise you. It is easier for them to seek out adventures than to go crazy. But lies disgust them and betrayal is even worse to them.

2. What drives the Earth signs crazy?

Taurus: They have a calm appearance and they truly are, they are very controlled. But when they build up too much tension they may blow up and, believe me, you will truly remember it. But don't say it caught you by surprise because there are visible signs whenever they are becoming tense. You will see they are worried, they will complain a lot and if they lose material things, do not get in their way because they will blow. Do not tell them they eat too much, they don't like to hear it and even less from a stranger.


Virgo: This sign is unbalanced by just about anything. They are easily upset when things do not come out as they had hoped. They are affected by any kind of unforeseen events, especially disorder. They love to have an opinion on everything, and possibly make corrections. If they lose that chance they tend to sour.

Capricorn: It is possible for them to announce their exhaustion or a possibly even their nervousness, but it does not happen often. Capricorn is a highly skilled manipulator and knows how to get away with things. Since they are famed for being cold, it bothers them to be told they are. 

3.What drives the Air signs crazy? 

Gemini: If Geminis are quiet or pensive, be careful. It is a sign that they talk a lot, they don't like silence too much. They want to be accompanied and do not like to be lonely very much. If they are silent or taciturn, something is wrong with them. And never compare them to anyone, they don't like it because they feel judged.


Libra: It is a sign that does not go crazy, or at least never in public. They are very diplomatic, kind, and pleasant and do not want to break from etiquette or look bad. If they go crazy, they will do it alone. And are possibly affected by some kind of psychosomatic sign.

Aquarius: Getting nervous and going crazy are in no way plans in the life of an Aquarius. Even when they are on the edge they will surely isolate themselves and disappear. It bothers them to be judged for their sensitivity for flattery, which they really like. They are susceptible to them even if it is just flattery, and if you call them out on it they may destabilize them.

4. What drives the Water signs crazy? 

Cancer: It is a very fickle and changing sign. Their thing is not stability and you will constantly see them changing their emotional direction. They are very sentimental and it upsets them a bit if you find out, they may get angry about it.

Scorpio: It is easier for Scorpio to become enraged than for them to go crazy. They do not see it as elegant nor worthy to be nervous. They see it as a weakness they do not allow themselves. But they are hate to be laughed at or made fun of, even more behind their backs.


Pisces: This sign is very empathetic so it is possible that anything upsets others will upset them as well. It is a dual sign, and even though they believe they know everything they are pretty innocent. And it bothers them to be reminded of it and they may end up crying.

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