Each of the five elements have different personality traits and physical traits, in the form of trends that may or may not be easily observable or may be latent. We will discuss how each element relates to a cardinal point, a color, a season, an address and a form. Discover yours!


The Chinese astrological calendar is called lunisolar, because the months are calculated according to the moon, in other words, each month begins on the day of the new moon. There is also, in addition to the lunar year, a cycle formed by two elements: the YIN (feminine) and the YANG (masculine). Odd years are Yin and even years are Yang. Yin and Yang in turn are divided into five elements, according to the number in which birth year ends: WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, AND WATER. These elements affect the characteristics of each of the twelve signs, modifying their particular features.

How do you know what element your sign belongs to? 

You must look at the birth year: If it ends in 0 or 1 it is metal, If it ends in 2 or 3 it is water, the ones ending in 4 or 5 belong to the wood element, the years ending in 6 or 7 are from the fire element, and the ones that end in 8 or 9 belong to the Earth element.

What are your characteristics according to your element?


If you belong to the METAL element (your birth year ends in 0 or 1):

You are a fighter and a determined person, that even if the task is hard, you try not to give up. Sometimes you compete with others, and are strict in your decisions. And if things do not happen the way you want them to then you get impatient. This is why it is good to learn to exercise serenity, and patience. You are also romantic and protective, but some people find it difficult to express themselves, and may become lonely. You have ambitions, and you manage your finances well. Great spirituality and clarity. Metal comes from the Earth and is controlled by Fire.

The season of the year: Autumn

Color: White

Planet: Venus

Direction: West

Facial shape: Square jawed


If you belong to the WATER element (Your birth year ends in 2 or 3):

Water adapts itself and takes different forms and states. It is indispensable for life, the Earth absorbs it for nourishment, it extinguishes Fire, and shapes Metal. They are creative and malleable people. They can be open to differences, they are understanding and kind. They are bold and responsible. Sometimes nervous and a little unstable. They may have a tendency to manipulate, and to be insecure and fearful. They tend to have little availability for others, and sometimes they exercise their leadership very strongly. If their energy is very strong, they can be stubborn and obstinate, and want to impose their views. If their energy is low, they can be insecure, indecisive, fearful.

The season of the year: Winter

Color: Black

Planet: Mercury

Direction: North

Facial Shape: Rounded


If you belong to the WOOD element (Your birth year ends in 4 or 5):

They have leadership characteristics, they like to be the center of attention, and sometimes they express themselves impulsively. They are strident, they do not measure their actions. They are witty and also helpful, they know how to listen to others, and they are good friends. They are sensitive to criticism. Sometimes there may have a bad attitude and intolerance because they get impatient, so they must regulate this characteristic to maintain harmonious relationships. They have a slight predisposition to waste, and may have a tendency to pessimism. They are very sociable, kind, and it is very nice to spend time with them.

The season of the year: Spring

Color: Greenish blue

Planet: Jupiter

Direction: East

Facial shape: Elongated chin


If you belong to the FIRE element (Your birth year ends in 6 or):

Fire is flashy, unstable, fast, sometimes excessive. They can be nervous, very open and expansive, sometimes euphoric. If they are low on energy they go out and disappear, they becomes shy and isolates themselves. Passionate, cheerful, and dynamic. Adventurous, risky, sometimes very demanding, a little bit of a tyrant, and extremist.

It is hard for them to contain their strong impulsiveness, but they are also passionate about what they love and give themselves completely to their family, their significant other, or their work. They are positive and give the best of themselves, never doubt the commitment of a fire element, because they give themselves entirely. They act emotionally, and sometimes they need to be controlled, which happens only with the Water element.

The season of the year: Summer

Color: Red

Planet: Mars

Direction: South

Facial shape: Sharp chin


If you belong to the EARTH element (Your birth year ends in 8 or): 

They tend to be strong and solid people, somewhat absorbing, they are pensive, and they do not like adventure or movement very much. Sometimes they become strict, structured, and follow routine. They can worry a lot about everything, they are reliable, patient, and methodical. They have a generous personality and are disciplined. Sometimes they get bored since they are unimaginative, and a bit greedy since they are very careful.

They are cautious, careful, sometimes in excess. They plan and project a lot. They handle finances well and are honest. They know how to listen and offer solutions. Earth is fertile and prosperous, it dominates Water, nourishes Fire and shapes Metal.

The season of the year: Summer/autumn

Color: White and red

Planet: Saturn

Direction: Middle

Facial shape: Wide and rectangular face