This art and spiritual guidance helps us to solve inner enigmas, answering questions about the future and the decision making necessary to evolve. Find out in the following article what type of consultation will be best for your spiritual needs.

With so many online, telephone and face-to-face options available, we often run into this question, "Which Tarot reading is right for me?"

Here are some guidelines to help you discover if a phone reading is more accurate than an online Tarot reading via video call or if the person acting as your "Oracle" connects better with your energy in person. 


Types of Tarot readings 

The Tarot consists of the interpretation of the deck of cards and the energetic connection that exists between the person who comes to make the consultation and the person who officiates as a seer or "oracle".

In order to perform the reading, it is necessary that the seer performs a series of procedures to be able to connect with this ancestral practice.

Surely we will find on the Internet advertisements and offers of Tarot readings online or by phone call. Both options involve a Tarot reading at a distance, without the interpersonal interaction that exists in a conventional consultation.

During the consultation, whether online, by phone or in person, the session will begin with a questionnaire to understand the internal needs of the person who comes to the reading.

If you want to know your future or simply need a guide to move forward with some issue in your life, the person who performs the interpretation of the deck, can perceive the energies to give an alternative opinion on a situation that arises.

Perhaps by simply consulting the Tarot, we will be able to hear a voice that can give us a glimpse into our inner self and how it is associated with the present or future moment.


Tarot on "sale" or low cost?

If you come across an advertisement for a Tarot reading at a "cheap" price, you will probably be immediately suspicious of it.

Unfortunately, this is not a prejudice, as it usually happens: "offers" are usually promoted by people who do not have much experience in Tarot interpretation.

Perhaps even people who have never studied this interpretation tool in depth before come out to offer the service.

We can also come across offers of free sessions. Do not be suspicious, as probably if this is the first time you are doing a Tarot consultation, these free consultations usually bring a global look at the idea of a deep reading and interpretation of the Tarot cards. 

Do not discard any option, as they are often the gateway to consulting the Tarot for the first time. You should keep in mind that the "offers" may not always be very accurate with their answers.


If you decide to start a Tarot reading consultation online or by phone, you will surely find different modalities.

Free test, is the most common, since a simulation of the spread and a superficial approach to the interpretation of personal energies is performed.

On the other hand, the readings can be paid per minute or per session, depending on the type of need the person has to deepen the issues. The session may be extended at the end of the contracted time in order to continue with the answers and interpretations made by the oracle or psychic in charge of the reading.


Face-to-Face Tarot: a unique connection

Going to a professional Tarot service gives us the possibility of building a bond of trust with the oracle or the seer that connects us with the interpretation of the deck.

The face-to-face Tarot consultation generates a different and unique connection with the experience, since we will be able to be hand in hand with the person who interprets and gives meaning to the card that appears. With the questions we ask face to face, we will be able to gather information about the future, about some specific detail of a presentiment you have. It will also guide you to make transcendental decisions in different aspects of your life (from love, your home economy and your professional career for example).

Being able to listen and look into the eyes of the Tarot reader will allow you to generate a different experience of communion and confidence. 

Depending on your urgency or need, you can consider a telephone consultation, online video call or an in-person appointment to consult the Tarot: This will help you to shape your life destiny.


What determines the quality of a Tarot reading?

Regardless of whether you have decided to start with an online, telephone or face-to-face reading, all of them can be evaluated and compared with certain requirements to know if the experience really met your expectations.

It is really key that you moderate all your illusions about the Tarot reading, being realistic and focusing on getting answers is key to really enjoy this reading. Not expecting more than what the Tarot deck interpretation really offers will also help you to connect in a deeper way with the professionals who offer their services.

You must understand that Tarot reading is not something that creates portals or miracles that will solve your problems. It is not some kind of magic or super power that will give you a way to focus on solving your questions and issues.

You are going to engage in a session of conversation and self-knowledge with the oracle, providing some prior information on your part. Allowing the energy to guide the card and the interpreter to put into words what she perceives at that moment.


The information you receive from this online, telephone or face-to-face reading will be in your power, it will be up to you to take that leap of inner healing. It is up to you to make decisions or continue with the same scenario in front of your eyes.

You can anticipate bad situations, you can take different courses of action, but the light emanating from the Tarot will illuminate your path, but you will have to move your legs forward in life.

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