September arrived with a lot of energy and vital information for your sign. We interpret astral movements to anticipate events and be in tune with them. We will tell you everything you need to know to go through September in harmony!

What will SEPTEMBER bring for the Fire Signs?

Aries always has a lot of things to do. His impulsive energy sometimes does not allow him to stop and think, he does not channel correctly all that inner fire.

In love we come from a good month and must be cautious as their emotions sometimes take over. A month of unstable finances that will balance if you do not act impulsively with unnecessary purchases. Some family situations where patience will be necessary. Listening to other people will help you to understand your close environment. Some doubts will make you return to situations of the past.

Leo: This energy of Leo always keeps hidden a somewhat inflexible part, it will always seek to stand out and that self-demanding will manifest itself in September as well. We can't think of a Leo that goes unnoticed. This year was projected of bonanza and progress and September is the month that comes to show us unexpected encounters. Friendships are ignited and a fluidity in family relationships. Financial energies will be favored. An improvement of salary, a new client, a substantial financial improvement.


Sagittarius: It is an optimistic sign and likes to be so, but sometimes this is not enough. This year it is very difficult for them to realize their projects, they have a lot of anxiety, and become erratic and unstable to achieve their goals. You are very talented and generous, but sometimes it is difficult for you to accept reality. Jupiter will support you to achieve achievements, do not be distracted. September 6th is the Rising Fourth in Sagittarius, consolidate and move forward. 

What will SEPTEMBER bring for the Earth Signs?

Taurus: the Bull in September demands that we remain cautious of definitive steps or decisions in our lives. We must keep our eyes wide open. Take advantage to take pending studies or take care of health because the whole month will be favorable to connect with that energy. Perhaps some approaches or some conflict with friendships are made..


Virgo: This month of September for Virgo will be illuminated especially in work achievements.

The personal effort for growth and access to power and success. September is a very favorable month for this development. September energies will act positively on social and work relationships.

If you overcome your excessive demands in love, it will be a time of fulfillment. In short, the month passes with many satisfactions and minimal shocks.

Capricorn: For the mythology the Goat suckled the god Zeus, is the most rational sign of the Zodiac, very analytical. Perhaps for this reason it is also a little skeptical. They love to be informed, and are little sensitive and empathetic in the dialogue about feelings. September is a month that will allow you to achieve goals, which will make you feel much better. You will be able to build good intimacy in this month with your partner or a loved one.

What will SEPTEMBER bring for the Air Signs?

Gemini: A very positive month for Geminians, especially as far as affections are concerned. Gemini is an air sign which makes it very good at relating to others, and quite flexible. This avoids conflicts in general. As the Seventh House which influences unions, prosperity and alliances and agreements of all kinds, will gravitate strongly in 2019-2020, This time will be a new starting point and prosperity Be careful with documents, don't overspend and be kind. September is ideal for divesting ourselves of what we do not want, problems, difficult relationships and small health discomforts. There will also be some disagreements with your partner that will be resolved later.


Libra: If you have health problems, you will benefit, everything gets better. Do not neglect doctor's appointments. September favors clarity of thought and good decisions, especially commercial ones. From now on the sign brings brightness, energy and creativity.

Be careful because you can be somewhat hindered in your family situation, although it is an excellent time to debug. Great material benefits in the second half of September, you will feel comfortable to make decisions that you have been postponing.

Aquarius: Aquarius wins friends easily, has a great imagination, and is in a fantastic moment. From mid-August through September. In October included, you will have a harmonious planetary configuration. In September you can define the definitive love, but not before. The focus on work and/or economic progress will help you to move forward.

Beware of bad temper, moodiness, or unkindness. It is something you can and should control at this time.

What will SEPTEMBER bring for Water Signs?

Cancer: During this month Cancer will be favoring in love, but especially will help to define happy situations. Then you should be more careful, there may be arguments in the family or in the couple, we recommend having a good attitude, let the water run in the river and wait because everything is solved. Until mid-September there is prosperity and labor or economic achievements, but remember to be careful with possible deceptions and money.


Scorpio: You have the personality of a leader but Scorpio must soften your ways of relating. Scorpio will go through a very good time in September. If there is any disagreement in the family or in the couple, until the 14th is time to clear it. Put your best energy to do so because it is the time to leave behind conflicts however small they may be. This first fortnight is also good for work, then harmony and help, you will manage to balance the economy. Do not waste and balance expenses. Attend all business meetings that appear.

Pisces: Pisces is a double sign, its ruler is Neptune, the god of the sea, who will be accompanying them until the end of the astral year. This implies that they will be more perceptive than usual and after overcoming some crises, the balance will be very good. Pisces is a sign loved by all, you should take advantage of this energy. The mood improves and you will have good earnings by the end of September.

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