Compatibilities between signs: Do you know what the zodiac sign you are most likely to be happy with? If you haven't been told yet, read this note and you'll have the answers!

Of course, deep love and the desire to spend a life together will always be stronger, but there are conjunctions that make it easier, and here we tell you!

Fire Signs


You are a full sign of energy and you feel wonderful with Libra, Aries brings strength to daily life, and Libra contains and softens it. Aquarius and Gemini will accompany you with passion and Leo and Sagittarius will be excellent follower in travels and adventures. But you are quite stubborn, Capricorn is very rational for you, and Cancer too sensitive.



Gemini and Sagittarius will be excellent partners in your social life, fun and cronies; Aries is ideal for planning together and will agree on the course to follow. But the strongest link you will have for sure is with Libra whose harmonious style complements you perfectly. With your pair Leo the attraction will be strong but you will compete all the time and for everything; with Aquarius, if you can understand yourself, it will be a permanent relationship.


With Gemini they have a great attraction, they are sociable and curious, they like traveling and social life. Aquarius and Libra, signs of Air, are your ideal companions, but Leo and Aries, your companions of fire are also made to be by your side, friends, couple or partners, everything will work. It will be difficult for you to live with Virgo, it is a very pragmatic, rational sign, the Earth will put out your fire, and you will be sad.

Earth Sings


Taurus and Scorpio complement each other, are very stable and will make a very good couple although they should not be together all day, as they are very intense. They are jealous and attract with intensity. Taurus will get along very well with Cancer and Pisces, they are faithful, calm and understanding. They will make good friends with Capricorn and Virgo, the other signs of Earth with which they will have language of feelings in common. You will not get along with Leo, they are both too strong, and the Lion and the Bull will not be able to live peacefully .



He is very perfectionist and demanding, he gets along very well with Scorpio and Cancer, although the latter is sensitive to criticism. Pisces is like Virgo very refined and sensitive, Virgo is very critical but as Pisces takes into account the feelings of the other and do not confront. They are complementary naturally, and the warmth of Pisces pleases Virgo. With Aries and Taurus they are good friends, with Gemini they can confront because they are so different.


Uses logic, understands the world from reason, it needs to be understood from affection: this is exactly the sensitive Cancer. Scorpio and Pisces will also be good companions, and the friends especially Virgo and Taurus, the other signs of Earth. The couple with Aries will be more conflictive, almost incompatible.

Air Signs


It is very compatible with Leo, they agree and are in harmony; and with Aries, they attract and are well together if Gemini adapts to the demands of Aries. Good friends with Aquarius and Libra. Sagittarius will give you a very intense relationship and they will share interests, it depends on both of them to be durable. Beware of Virgo and Pisces as they will have to give both in some things.


Libra always enamors with almost all the signs. With Leo it coincides in values and interests, and with Sagittarius they will share the taste for the good life and pleasures. They are dreamy, strong and very passionate signs, things that Libra loves; Fire signs ignite with Libra. Aquarius harmonizes well, and Gemini is affectionate and demonstrative, they shouldn't work together.



Being passionate you have good compatibility with Sagittarius, with whom you can disagree ideologically but easily relate; And with Aries, you also understand each other perfectly, although you may feel a little choked by how demanding this sign is. Aquarius and Libra are different personalities but they attract each other, and with Gemini there is concordance, kindness and affection. Leo is fascinated by you but it is not the best pair except that they are a common project.

Water Signs


Cancer is sensual and affectionate, knows how to make his partner happy, sometimes he is very sensitive and needs to be taken care of. It is very compatible with the signs of Earth, with Virgo they love and respect each other although sometimes Virgo's criticism hurts Cancer and he does not tolerate it, with Taurus they enjoy together very much, Taurus must allow Cancer to be a dreamer. Scorpio has great affinity but must be less possessive, and with Pisces he feels a great attraction, but Pisces must try not to be distant .



It is a very passionate and emotional sign, but also very possessive. Compatible with Virgo, who understand each other well, and with Capricorn, since both are quite self-centered and balanced. Pisces and Cancer are usually very good friends and sometimes, they go beyond a friendship. Scorpio is a natural couple of Taurus but they can love each other a lot or become tremendous rivals.


Pisces and Virgo are two double, very refined signs that complement each other and can enjoy life together. With Taurus and Capricorn the compatibility is very high. Best friends: Scorpio and Cancer. With Sagittarius could have a happy and peaceful life.