Did you know why you are like this? Learn in this article the characteristics of each woman according to her sign.

Each energetic configuration is particular and unique. We know that every being and in this case, every woman is special in herself, beyond her zodiac sign and the energies that govern her birth chart.

What we must keep in mind is that each sign has common characteristics between each ruler. Discover which of your personality traits are supported and influenced by the energy of the stars!

The Aries Woman

Aries woman, you know that your strength lies in the energy you give off in every pore of your skin.

You have an enormous capacity to say things directly, with a lot of sincerity, anyone would easily discover if you try to lie. They have a fighting spirit, self-confident, do not tolerate injustice, and lash out without a second thought.

This can lead you to get burned by the fire of Aries, but you will know what to do so that the wounds heal and you can return to the ring again and again.


The woman of the sign of Taurus

Taurus, you have the ability to be solid and resilient. Your character is usually very gentle and loving, with cooking skills. Some situations can turn your patience and thoughts into a sea of negativity. Your stubbornness can become anchored in an argument, unable to get out of it.

The Taurus woman seeks tranquility and can control herself for days, but beware, everything has a limit! and once you have passed it, she will unleash her fury.

The Gemini Woman

They live in constant mental stimulation (that's why they can sometimes seem distracted!), they like long conversations and existential debates. The Gemini woman does not stand still in one place, and can sometimes demand a lot of attention and energy.

Women of the sign of Cancer

With a changeable mood, they can be very funny and make you laugh until you can't laugh anymore. Homebodies, a bit traditional, skilled in the kitchen and with everything that involves caring for others, Cancer women know how to give love. Sometimes they can be overloaded with work and have little time for leisure.

The woman of the sign of Leo

With a great magnetism, you will recognize a Leo woman without thinking twice. They are pure fire and attract a lot of attention. Sociable and with many friends, they need to be the center of a meeting and perhaps their confidence makes them speak with a certain air of superiority, although without bad intentions.


The Woman of the sign of Virgo

Orderly, organized, you like everything in its place, and for this reason it is difficult for you to take on new challenges. If you are Virgo, you know that stability is your forte and what gives you security. They find it hard to relax and stop thinking about solving everything around them. They are sincere and trustworthy people, they pursue perfection in everything that surrounds them and sometimes it is difficult for them to recognize mistakes.

The Woman of the sign of Libra

In the constant search for balance, the Libra woman will give up everything for a harmonious balance. They are often the best friend of many because they know how to listen and are sociable. They say yes to everything, and may find it difficult to set limits. She is very well arranged.

The Woman of the sign of Scorpio

They like the mystery and with their glance you could feel that they cross you. They possess a lot of passion and a lot of ego, so they need to be constantly flattered. The Scorpio woman knows what she is and what she is worth, and also what she is not. Sometimes they can hurt with their sincerity.

The woman of the sign of Sagittarius

She is sporty, wants to do everything, and never miss anything. For this reason it is very difficult to compromise her. Although they hate to hurt others, their innocence can lead them to put their foot in their mouth unintentionally. They have very strong principles that are difficult to change, they are restless and above all, fiery..


The Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is direct, she doesn't go round and round. They have a lot of energy when it comes to work, and they are very enthusiastic about their work. They tend to be constant, tenacious and always looking to improve. They never pass up opportunities and hate to be late for commitments.
The Woman of the sign of Aquarius
It is different from all, always has original ideas and shows the other side of things. She can be a little indecisive, since she does not believe in her ideas, and she has trouble with stability (she needs someone to put order in her life). She is everyone's best friend, she tends to constantly analyze others and has the gift of calming people down when they need it.
The Pisces Woman
The Pisces woman is like a muse floating through the world, subtle, seductive. She has cordial and gentle ways of expressing herself. They can oscillate between an innocent humor without malice or turn it into a double-edged sword, being cold and merciless.

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