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The Yin And Yang, With Which Energy Do You Identify Yourself?
The Yin and Yang represent the two elements that Taoism uses to explain the harmonic forces of the universe, since the balance between them would give origin to it. Discover with which one you identify!
Planetary Transits And How They Influence Your Life
What are planetary transits? How do they affect our lives? What does it mean that jupiter is in Sagittarius this year? We will tell you this and a lot more!
What Will The Stars Bring For Each Sign In May?
This month, the New Moon will surprise us on the 4th of May and the Full Moon will rise proud on the 18th of May, bringing us a moment of great emotional intensity. Do you know what this means for you? Here we will tell you everything, sign by sign!
What Element In The Chinese Horoscope Are You?
Are you WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, or WATER? Each element has traces of different personalities and body types.We will tell you how each element is related to a cardinal point, a color, a season of the year, and a form. Discover yours!
Birth Chart
Take Advantage Of Your Birth Chart! What Are The Astrological Houses?
The Birth Chart is divided into 12 houses and each one represents an area in our life. This is more about the dynamic with which we interact with the world. We will tell you what the 12 houses are and what they mean!
Why Does Holy Week Coincide With The Full Moon?
In the third week of April we will be celebrating the so-called "Holy Week" all around the world. What relationship does this date have with the Stars? Why does it always coincide with the Full Moon? We will tell you all about it up next!