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What Will The Stars Bring Each Sign In The Month Of July?
July greets us with multiple astrological events: we have two new eclipses, Mercury will retrograde in Leo on July 3rd and in Cancer on the 19th, Mars will enter Leo and on the 7th will begin to retrograde. Do you know what it means for you? Find out
Total Solar Eclipse: How Will It Influence Each Sign?
The most important eclipses are solar eclipses, like the one we will be able to enjoy this upcoming July 2. What will it be like and how will it affect each sign?
The Masculine And Feminine Energy Of Each Sign
Beyond what our solar sign is, with which we usually identify ourselves, each one of us has two energies inside us, we are made of two forces: the feminine and the masculine. Discover which one governs your sign!
Test: Tell Me How You Get Angry And I Will Tell You Your Sign
Our angers and the way we express them say a lot about us... and our zodiac sign! Find out with which one you identify with.
How Does Each Sign Do With Friendship? Strengths And Weaknesses
With our friends we can be truly sincere, laugh, get angry, and tell each other our deepest secrets. But how are you as a friend? Discover the strengths and weaknesses of each sign in regards to friendship!
What Will The Stars Have In Store For Each Sign In June?
The movement of the planets in June of 2019 brings us some tense moments, since Neptune starts to retrograde in Pisces on the 21st and the Sun enters Cancer on the same day. Do you know what it means? We will tell you all about it here, sign by sign!