Discover what the energies of the first full moon 2024 have in store.

A celestial play unfolds with the Full Moon in Leo on January 25th, 2024, at 14:54 in Argentina and Chile, 18:54 in Spain, 11:54 in Mexico and 12:54 in Peru, New York, Colombia, Ecuador and Miami. This phenomenon not only illuminates the firmament, but also weaves the threads that connect our emotions and destinies, an eternal reminder that we are active participants in the cosmic ballet.

Since time immemorial, humanity has recognized the harmonious dance between the moon and our lives. This celestial body, with its palpable influence on tides, female cycles and animal behaviors, reminds us that we are an integral part of a cosmic system. The lunar cycle, a basic model of planetary cycles, is a breath for existence: we inhale with the new moon, hold during the waxing moon, exhale at the full moon and repeat at the waning moon.

The January 2024 Full Moon in Leo brings with it a surge of intense energy, like an emotional tidal wave that impacts each sign in a unique way. This moment, marked by the opposition between the Sun and Moon, represents the culmination of what was sown at the previous New Moon. It is a phase where the need for expansion, both social and mental, is felt most strongly, marked by vibrant movement and the broadening of horizons.

Under the Moon's full light, emotions are unleashed and minds are unsettled, creating fertile ground for creativity and the harvesting of fruits sown in previous cycles. Full Moon meetings become moments of euphoria, where answers and solutions to pending problems emerge. However, this emotional intensity can also trigger violence and increase emotional incidents and crimes.


This full Moon, known as the Wolf Moon in some traditions, illuminates the sign of Leo, associated with art, theater and creative expression. The hearts and circulation are ruled by Leo, suggesting that actions centered on these aspects during this period will have beneficial effects. But, with the Moon conjunct Pluto, especially those with sensitive points in the early degrees of the fixed signs may experience a profound, sometimes painful but necessary transformation.

Uranus direct in Taurus adds its energy to the mix, promoting change and opportunity for those with tender points at the end of the second decanate of Earth signs. However, for fixed signs, these changes can be abrupt and unexpected. The conjunction of Mars and Mercury in Capricorn adds a touch of mental aggressiveness, favoring intellectual discussion but requiring caution to avoid impulsiveness.

With Venus in Capricorn, expressions of affection become serious and committed, especially benefiting Earth signs. However, those in the third decanate of Cancer, Aries and Libra may face affective tensions and social challenges.

How the 2024 Full Moon will affect your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Shining in the Sphere of Romance and Fun

The Full Moon in Leo directs its light toward your romances, children and your spontaneous side, Aries. What creations do you long for? How would you like to present yourself to the world? How have you transformed since last August?

Taurus: Revisiting Home and Family

Taurus, this full moon invites you to review your home and family relationships. What was your family relationship like six months ago? What transformations do you desire now?


Gemini: Illuminating Communication and Learning

The Full Moon shines over your zone of communication and learning, Gemini. What did you learn in these six months? How can you improve the way you communicate with yourself?

Cancer: Exploring Resources and Life Management

Cancer, this lunation illuminates your financial and management realm. Did you generate new tools since August? How would you like to manage yourself?

Leo: Focusing on Identity and Self-Expression

With the full Moon in your sign, Leo, it's your time to shine and express yourself. How do you celebrate being yourself? What activity do you enjoy and wish to incorporate more of in your life?

Virgo: Illuminating the Emotional and Spiritual World

For Virgo, this full Moon highlights your emotional and spiritual world. What were you longing for six months ago? How can you integrate more intuition into your identity?


Libra: Projecting in Friendships and Creative Projects

Libra, the Full Moon illuminates your area of friendships and creative projects. How do you shine as a group? Can you see your progress from six months ago?

Scorpio: Evaluating Professional Achievements and Contributions to the World

The full Moon illuminates your professional area, Scorpio. What were you manifesting in August? How do you wish your career to continue?

Sagittarius: Overcoming Barriers in Travel and Adventure

In Sagittarius, this Full Moon highlights your travels and adventures. How did you strengthen your self-confidence since August? How many barriers did you overcome?

Capricorn: Exploring Deep Fears and Transformations

Capricorn, this lunation illuminates your fears and transformations. Can you see the process and celebrate it? How do you wish to connect with those issues?


Aquarius: Highlighting Relationships and Partnerships

The Full Moon falls in your area of partners and associates, Aquarius. How were you doing in this area last August? Can you see your progress and celebrate it?

Pisces: Focus on Routines, Health and Wellness

Pisces, the sign of Leo highlights your routine, health and wellness. Have you made changes in your habits since August? How can you organize your routine to improve your wellness?

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