On June 10th there will be a solar eclipse that can be experienced from different parts of the world. This time the Sun will not be in shadow, but will be visible as a ring.

This time the Sun will not be in shadow, but will be visible as a ring.

This annular eclipse of the Sun in Gemini occurs just when the moon interposes itself between the Sun and the Earth, "hiding" for a few moments, influencing astrological, personal and social energies.

The air of Gemini makes this eclipse influence at the bonding, mental and thought communication levels. What words do we use, how do we express ourselves, how do we listen and decide? These questions should be present when going through these days.


How can the eclipse affect your sign?

If we stop to think a little about the energies that surround Gemini, we will find a sign that likes to be always with the latest information, always looking for new data, learning, educating and nurturing his mind.

For this reason, this solar eclipse will show us an important facet to each sign: what we consume to inform ourselves, how we communicate our thoughts, what we allow to receive, and what we allow to be received.

The Moon will be in a very aligned orbit with the Sun during the eclipse, that is why we will feel its power much more: attention, as this enables us to reflect. It plunges us deep within, thoughts and ideas will be fluttering in our minds with a view to a new future.


The eclipse of June 2021 sign by sign

How will the eclipse influence the sign of Aries?

Aries, this eclipse brings you the opportunity to evaluate your areas of interest: you may consider changes in your way of communicating, adding new experiences and knowledge in your life or areas of learning.

If you have brothers or sisters, perhaps you can find a suitable time to settle a pending talk (perhaps in the form of a letter...).

How will the eclipse influence the sign of Taurus?

Taurus, you are in the midst of a revolution: you almost always have a certain way of performing tasks, of connecting with people, of connecting with your body and your needs.

At this time you are presented with something unusual, a new way of feeling different. This is the right place and time to deepen your being and nature. To be able to sort out some of your priorities and give focus to the enjoyment of you. Life is simple, don't forget it Taurus.


How will the eclipse influence the sign of Gemini?

The eclipse occurs in the zone of your Gemini energies. Your present time, your identity pillars, what you want for your life today and now, will be put in value again.

If these days and from tomorrow you feel a strong impulse to concretize and materialize projects that you have been thinking about for a long time, go ahead, it is the right time.

How will the eclipse influence the sign of Cancer?

Dear Cancer, the unconscious is acting actively. This is an area of great sensitivity for you, which is why you should be very attentive during the eclipse and the following days (you may even be sensing something already!).

You have an enormous sensitivity and your great capacity and empathy to connect with other people is at the surface today.

A set of energies is being generated and predisposed that launch you into yet another plane of spiritual connection. If you've been thinking about meditation, yoga or if you've been reading about alternative therapies, it may be time to activate.

Are you dreaming a lot lately? If your emotionalities are showing up in your dreams, you should pay close attention.


How will the eclipse influence the sign of Leo?

Leo dear, you are very inspired. This eclipse will enhance this aspect in you. You may feel many new ideas, very forward thinking ways of thinking.

You are even encouraged to apply this inspirational impulse in your relationships. You are experiencing a new way of looking at relationships with friends and loved ones.

How will the eclipse influence the sign of Virgo?

Virgo, Virgo... are you questioning yourself?

You are in a whirlwind of energies of renewal, change in the professional and work, you have your eyes on your contribution to society and how you can improve it. This eclipse will bring you more clarity on this question.


How will the eclipse influence the sign of Libra?

The foundational pillars of Libra are being questioned. From your values of religion, your approach to beliefs, philosophy and even spirituality are having a very profound revision in this eclipse.

You can broaden that gaze, fear not Libra dear. Broaden those horizons where what you can achieve is to strengthen and deepen your self-confidence.

From a new language or even why not, begin to plan a future trip ... soon we can do it again ...

How will the eclipse influence the sign of Scorpio?

The energies of revolution of the eclipse will be perched on your emotionality Scorpio dear. You will feel a lot of sensitivity and emotional depth these days, so stay tuned.

This transformative opportunity presents itself to put on the table what you feel, what you want, and what you need. You are in the right time to verbalize your desires and give way to some activity that nourishes you spiritually.


How will the eclipse influence the sign of Sagittarius?

Sagittarius this eclipse bases all its power of energetic transformation in the field of bonds, how we are relating in general with partners, colleagues, family, partners. In all planes of life we are making a review of the moment we are going through.

If you want to allow yourself to make a leap in your quality of life, take advantage of the momentum to reform those behaviors and patterns of repetition that make you get to those common places you seek to change. Change your focus, put it somewhere else.


How will the eclipse influence the sign of Capricorn?

Capricorn, if you find yourself thinking about yourself, how you incorporate food into your body, what kind and how you do it, you are on an interesting path. The discovery of a process of change comes from this revolutionary eclipse on an energetic level.

Continue in that stage of exploration, investigating how to reorganize certain aspects of your life that will make you take an evolutionary leap. In your daily life, you can take small steps, make some decisions to nourish your body and soul in a new and particular way.

How will the eclipse influence the sign of Aquarius?

Aquarius, this eclipse is stirring up the ways and means you have of connecting with everyone. From the way you express your emotionality, to the way you have a good time, to the connection you have with yourself. You are on the crest of the wave.

Are you exploring new activities for yourself? Make it your number one priority in life right now, it's time to do something you really love.


How will the eclipse influence the sign of Pisces?

In this path of approaches, thoughts and evolution around family ties, Pisces, you will find yourself at a crossroads: a radical change in the way you carry out this union.

This eclipse is placed directly in this area. You are meditating or transforming that place that connects you so much to your roots. There may even be a change or move, but mostly there will be a new approach to the way you communicate with each other.

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