Some Astral configurations have more capacity for anger than others. Find out in the following article if your sign has special characteristics to not tolerate unpleasant situations.

If we have ever gone through a complicated situation, a couple's argument or an exchange of ideas with a co-worker, we surely know well how we react to this type of conflict scenarios.

Feeling judged, ignored, being lied to or receiving some bad news can be the reason that makes us burst with nerves. What is it that makes you crazy? How do you react when you lose your patience?

Many times we do not know where that level of anger or adrenaline that emerges from our inner being at the moment of experiencing some kind of situation that alters our senses comes from.

People have different energetic and astral configurations. It is really for this reason that we must repeatedly get to know ourselves better and deepen our connection with our zodiac sign in order to balance our emotions and build a healthy inner peace.

By better understanding our inner makeup and moods, we can improve our communication in those tense moments, where we may not respond to our mood or character at that precise moment.

Being able to take charge of this type of reactions that often affect us too much, will save us a headache in the future,

The first thing we should think about is whether we still have to give some kind of sincere and timely apology to that close person we offended.


Discover the answers here, sign by sign:

What drives the Fire Signs crazy?

Aries: Fortunately Aries will become calmer with the years, because when they are very young they often collapse. They are very active and always running from one place to another, that's why they always seem to be on the verge of an attack. But as they do not like to lose control, they express it as headaches, migraines or simply isolation and desire to be alone. They don't want to be seen like that, let them be, it will pass...


Leo: If there are many outings, parties and friends, many times it is the way Leo avoids conflicts. He doesn't like anything at all to show weakness, he feels that his dignity is affected if he does it, that's why he will avoid this situation as much as possible. When he explodes, because I assure you that Leo also explodes, he will do it like a volcano erupting. He also doesn't like to be reminded that he is not the only one in his thing, he needs to feel special.

Sagittarius: He is active and has a lot of energy, but he gets unbalanced. He will analyze the situation, and do something novel and adventurous, but he won't go crazy. Don't expect this from him. He will always surprise you. It is easier for him to run away looking for adventure than to go crazy. But they are quite unsettled by lies and the worst thing for them is a betrayal.

What drives Earth Signs crazy?

Taurus: You have a very calm appearance and you really are, you control yourself a lot. But when he accumulates a lot of tension he can explode and really, believe me, you will remember it. But do not say that it takes you by surprise because they are giving signs of their increased tension. You will see him worried, he will complain a lot and if he suffers material losses, don't get in his way because he will explode. Do not tell him that he eats a lot, he does not like to hear it and less from a stranger..


Virgo: This sign is easily upset by anything. It gets upset easily when things do not go as expected. They are affected by unforeseen events of all kinds, especially disorder. They love to give their opinion about everything, and if possible to correct. If you take away that possibility they become unhinged.

Capricorn: It is possible that they announce their exhaustion or their possible nervous breakdown, but it is not frequent that they have it. Capricorns are highly manipulative and always know how to get their way. As they have a reputation for being somewhat cold, it bothers them a lot to be told so.

What drives Air Signs crazy?

Gemini: If Gemini is silent or pensive, watch out. It is a sign that talks a lot, does not like silence too much. He wants to be accompanied and does not like solitude. If you see him taciturn or silent, there is something wrong with him. And never compare him with anyone, he can't stand it because he feels judged.


Libra: It is a sign that does not go crazy, or at least never does in public. He is very diplomatic, kind and pleasant and doesn't want to break etiquette or look bad. If he does freak out, he will do it alone. And possibly affected by some psychosomatic sign.

Aquarius: Getting nervous and freaking out is by no means in Aquarius' life plan. Although when he is on the verge, he will surely isolate himself and disappear. It bothers him to be in evidence for his sensitivity to the flattery, which he loves. It is susceptible to them even if it is only flattery, and if you mark it, it can destabilize.

What drives Water Signs crazy?

Cancer: It is a very fickle and changeable sign. Their thing is not stability and you will see them change their emotional course continuously. They are very sentimental and are a little embarrassed to be discovered, they can get angry about it.

Scorpio: It is easier for Scorpio to get angry than to go crazy. He doesn't find it elegant or dignified to be nervous. They see it as a weakness they wouldn't allow themselves. But it unnerves them to be laughed at or made fun of, especially behind their backs.


Pisces: This is a very empathic sign so it is possible that anything that makes others nervous will make him nervous as well. They are a dual sign, and although they think they know everything, they are quite innocent. And it bothers him to be reminded of it, they may end up crying.

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