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Pluto In The Signs
Pluto's mission is to very deeply change the world and ourselves. It is a transpersonal planet with a very slow movement. We will tell you what their characteristics are in each sign.
The Meaning Of Jupiter In Your Astral Letter
The zodiac is divided into 12 astrological houses, each of these houses represents a domino of our life and according to what influence it has on the natal chart we have of Jupiter the expansion and empowerment will be felt in that area.
What Will The Stars Bring In February For Each Sign?
February is a particular month, and especially this 2020, which, being a leap year, will last 29 days. It will also be a month of the supermoon in the sign of Leo and will be influenced by the new moon in Pisces. How will this affect your sign?
Chinese Horoscope: Predictions For 2020
The Chinese horoscope tells us that the year 2020 is the year of the Rat. Do you want to know what the predictions are for this 2020? Here we tell you sign by sign
The Magic Of The Chinese New Year
According to the Chinese calendar, we would begin the lunar year 4718. Discover what this celebration is about and how you can enjoy it to the fullest, adding to the wishes of love and prosperity!
Family Constellations
Family constellations is a group therapy created by the German Bert Hellinger. Familienaufstellung in German (position in the family). Through the constellation you can solve family and couple issues, understand and accept diseases.
The I Ching How Can It Help You?
The term I CHING means "The book of mutations", and is believed to describe the present of the person who consults it, and predicts its future. You dare?
How To Enjoy The New Year Party According To Your Sign
Sometimes we don't know how to integrate into groups that are having a great time and have fun and know each other a lot. Although everything is not always what it seems, we could give you some ideas so that you can integrate better to the fun, helpe
Know Your Destiny: Meet The Ascendants And The Fundamental Energy That Defines Our Destiny Of Life
The energy of the ascendant is linked to what will happen to us by destiny, the energy that we have to integrate. It gives us our physical appearance, what those who do not know us intimately see of us.
Tarot: The Secret Of The Major Arcana
In the Tarot, the Major Arcana are 22, and each one has hidden meanings and complex symbologies, opening the way to the unconscious. Here we will tell you how they emerged in history and their main meanings.
Enneagram, Personality Map
The Enneagram is a transformation tool for the evolution, liberation and understanding of the psyche. A path of self-knowledge for inner growth.
What Will The Stars Bring For Each Sign In December?
December is a month of a lot of movement, closures, farewells, and new beginnings. The Astros, of course, have a lot to do with this and can help us understand a little more all that energy of the universe around us. Do you dare to know more?