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Karmic Numerology
Numerology is a discipline that studies the energetic vibration of numbers and their influence on people and allows them to investigate the karma that the person brings from their past lives.
What Will The Stars Bring In November For Each Sign?
In November the Sun will enter Sagittarius, a sign that is related to independence, freedom, idealism, and doubting all beliefs with honesty. Do you want to know how this will affect each particular sign?
What Is The Tarot And How Can It Help Us?
The Tarot can be a very helpful tool at certain times in our life, have you ever been thrown the cards? Here we tell you what it is!
Discover How To Dress According To Your Zodiac Sign
If you are one of those who doubt a lot when choosing what clothes you are going to wear on each occasion, this is a note for you. We do not know if it will dispel your doubts but you will have some tips to keep in mind, according to your Zodiac sign
How Does Pluto Transit Affect Your Sign?
Pluto's mission is to change the world and us very deeply. It is a very slow and transpersonal planet. Discover how it influences and transforms your sign!
Men: How Are They Like Parents According To Their Sign?
Cheerful, affectionate, strict, jealous, all parents are special in themselves and the stars can give us several clues about this. Discover here the central characteristics of each sign when it comes to occupying such a special role!
When Is The Right Time For Card Reading?
The Tarot is a tool to accompany us on the path of life. If you ask, you should be open to what the cardds will tell you and not wait for a certain response with anxiety. When is the right time to consult the letters?
The 7 Secrets Of Tarot
The Tarot hides secrets, beyond the revelations we get in each reading. It consists of images and symbols, each of them with multiple and complex meanings, so here we invite you to know its mysteries. Do you dare?
What Will The Stars Bring In October For Each Sign?
October is coming and the stars will be the guide you need to make the most of the universe's influences on your life. Here we tell you everything you need to know, sign by sign!
Intense Pairs: Fixed, Mutable, And Cardinal Signs
The modalities of the signs, in astrology, are qualities that are assigned to each Zodiac sign. Do you want to know what it is about? We will tell you all about it here!
Do You Feel Moonstruck? Find Out Why!
Many people feel that sometimes they have a special, different bad mood, that they don't know how to attribute to any particular situation. We commonly call that "being moonstruck". What is this phenomenon about? We will tell you here!
The Four Elements And Compatibility In Love
How are we doing in love? How do you get along with your partner? Are you happy with him or her? Let's see what the stars say about the compatibility for love between signs of different elements!