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Friday The 13th, Harvest Moon And Bad Luck?
This Friday, September 13th, we will have a very special Full Moon: the Harvest Moon, and it will be accompanied by a phenomenon that we will not be able to observe again until 2049. Discover what effects it will have on you!
The Colors In The Tarot
In the Tarot images, shapes and also colors have their meaning and knowing them is essential to expand the knowledge that can give us about ourselves, do you dare to discover the meaning of each color?
The Moon
The 4 Phases Of The Moon, How Do They Affect Us?
Have you felt sensitive for no reason, and then realize that the full moon shines on the sky? If it ever happened to you, this article will give you the answers you are looking for!
What Will The Stars Bring In September For Each Sign?
September is loaded with information and what better way to interpret the astral movements in order to get ahead and be ready for what is to come? Here we will tell you all you need to know to transit a September in harmony!
Five Meditations That Will Change Your Life
Have you tried meditating? The benefits of this practice are multiple, so here we will tell you the main meditation techniques so that you know them and think about which one best suits your lifestyle.
Who Could You Fall In Love With?
Compatibilities between signs: Do you know what the zodiac sign you are most likely to be happy with? If you haven't been told yet, read this note and you'll have the answers!
What Will The Stars Bring For Each Sign In August?
During the month of August 2019 four important events will occur in the sky. Do you want to know what they are and how it will affect your sign?
Venus According To Your Natal Chart
Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It gets its name in honor to Venus, the Roman Goddess of love. In Greek mythology is was the Goddess Aphrodite.
Learn How Hormones Affect Our Mood
Our emotional health is intimately related to our hormones. Hormones function at the central nervous system's level and directly influence how we feel emotionally.
What Drives You Crazy According To Your Sign?
Feeling judged, ignored, being lied to, we all have something that sets off our nerves. What drives you mad? How will you react when you lose your patience? Discover the answers here , sign by sign!
What Is Psychomagic? Learn The Mysteries Of This Therapy
Psychomagic is a therapy created by Alejandro Jodorowsky and its goal is to heal trauma through psychomagic, reaching the unconscious. What does this mean? We will tell you all about it in the following!
What Will The Stars Bring Each Sign In The Month Of July?
July greets us with multiple astrological events: we have two new eclipses, Mercury will retrograde in Leo on July 3rd and in Cancer on the 19th, Mars will enter Leo and on the 7th will begin to retrograde. Do you know what it means for you? Find out