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Why Does Holy Week Coincide With The Full Moon?
In the third week of April we will be celebrating the so-called "Holy Week" all around the world. What relationship does this date have with the Stars? Why does it always coincide with the Full Moon? We will tell you all about it up next!
What Will The Stars Bring For Each Sign In April?
Soon after the start of the zodiac year, the New Moon will be in Aries helping us overcome frustrations. On the 19th the Full Moon will be in Libra and, at the end of the month, it will be the Lunar-Jupiter conjunct. Discover what this means to you!
How Women Are According To Their Sign
March 8th is International Woman's day, and we decided to entertain them with this special message about every woman's characteristics according to their sign.
How Do You Read The Chinese Horoscope?
The year of the Earth Pig in the Chinese Horoscope has just begun and will remain until January 20, 2020. Learn how to identify your sign and element according to the Chinese Horoscope!
The Chinese New Year. What Should You Expect According To Your Sign?
On February 5, 2019 the Year of the Pig started in Chinese Astrology. The Year of the Earth Dog ends its cycle to give way to the Year of the Earth Pig, also known as hog or swine and will last until January 24, 2020.
Tarot: Reveal Fears And Hidden Desires
This therapeutic tool, also known as a divination system or method for meditation and self-knowledge, will reveal hidden fears and desires.
The Signs, The Fortune, And The Fame
Who are the multimillionaires in the world and what are their signs? What are the characteristics of the signs that are most predisposed to make their fortunes?
Five Keys To Achieving Everything You Endeavor This 2019
We are near the start of a new year, and need to balance things out. There are many achievements you will see when looking back, and some pending for the year that is about to begin. We will help you be successful in your endeavors!
Challenges Of The Year 2019, Sign By Sign
The new year has arrived in our lives and it intrigues us to know what it will bring. In this message we shed light on the main challenges each sign must face, so that you will not find yourself unprepared!
Predictions For 2019 From The Lunar Nodes
Lunar nodes are mathematical points of connection between the Moon and the Sun. In astrology they represent our life purpose. Know the predictions for 2019 through the nodes.
Predictions To Start The New Year According To Your Sign
2019 is coming to our lives and we must be prepared for what it will bring. Find out how your beginning will be, how you will feel, and what surprises the stars have prepared for you.
What Should I Give? The Zodiac Gives You Its Advice
Are you already thinking about what to give at these festivities? We want to help you with some suggestions based on the features of each zodiac sign. A sure way to surprise everyone and take all the applause!