Friends often have greater compatibilities. Do you know Why?

Friendships are part of the primary socialization circle, important for our development as human beings.

They are people who often appear in our lives in a special way. From school, we can develop a very particular bond with someone we do not know beforehand. Other times they are colleagues at work or in a club sport.

The important thing is to be able to recognize their particular definition: they turn out to be an essential support on this path. With their looks, their thoughts guide us and help us to overcome any problem.

With our friends we can open our thoughts and emotions: they are the people who know us best and who help us to overcome and evolve. 

There are some compatibilities and energetic connections between the signs. We invite you to know them right now.


How is Aries with his or her friends?

The Aries friend turns out to be a very companionable person, who joins in any activity or outing that is proposed. It is someone who will always be present, unconditionally. They will be brothers and sisters in your life's journey. The fights with Aries can be very strong and exaggerated, he does not measure his energies and his energetic impulse, having to move away a little from the situation to be able to reestablish the link.

How is TAURUS with his friends?

This sign has a very sure character, of an admirable firmness. They turn out to be loyal friends and you will always be able to trust them. This is a person with a lot of reserve, they do not open up much and keep secrets in a very special way. It can play against them that they can be a little possessive and sometimes they are not flexible in their thoughts, but that makes them a very reliable person.

What is GEMINIS like with friends?

This sign is one of the most generous, funny and peaceful that you can find in the whole zodiac. Their reactions and emotions turn out to be very unpredictable and with radical changes. Their sensitivity often makes them happy and optimistic and then suddenly, they change to a negative and unhappy state.


How is CANCER with friends?

This turns out to be a somewhat complicated sign for friendship, as they do not allow themselves to connect easily with those who are looking for a lasting friendship. They do not open their hearts, let alone share their deepest feelings. But if they manage to gain trust, and decide to build a unique bond, you will have a very particular ally in your life. If you have patience and manage to generate that bridge of love with this sign, you will have a brother or sister for life.

How is LEO with his friends?

This sign is one of the most valuable to build a friendship. They are cheerful and possess extreme generosity. They will give you a great time when meeting socially with friends. They will be very willing to go out partying and will demand that you accompany them in their moment of enjoyment: they always seek to be the center of attention wherever they go.

What is VIRGO like with friends?

People with Virgo energy are very helpful. Their kindness and concern for the other person sometimes pushes them off their inner axis. They are very self-demanding and have a very high level of criticism. They will take care of everything necessary to have a great time together. If there is a change of plans or if the previously discussed plan does not materialize, they will be in a very bad mood. It turns out to be a very organized sign, which does not like to live with risks or situations out of their domain. For them to be able to express and talk about their feelings, a lot of time will have to pass and you will have to gain their trust.


How is LIBRA with her friends?

This sign manages to be the personalized party. They are very attentive, and "fashionable" as they have a particular attraction. Their power of seduction and socialization allows them to have the attention of the entire audience. You won't be able to avoid chatting or being attracted to his or her energy, having a great time at any outing with him or her. He or she flows at social events but often doesn't take that necessary leap of faith and love.

How is SCORPIO with his or her friends?

This sign demonstrates a unique brotherhood. Managing to be unconditional at all times, but probably looking for some kind of retribution and similar response from the other party. Being a somewhat jealous and possessive sign, it demands a rather strenuous level of demand. He finds it hard to open up to his friends because he doesn't want to experience suffering or have anyone hurt his deepest emotions. 

What is SAGITTARIUS like with friends?

This sign expresses generosity and optimism from its pores. Adventure and loyalty complement their friendships in a very special way. It breathes air and needs its friends in order to move forward. Always present in the most complicated moments and in those that merit endless adventure. Solidarity is his motto and also requires active demonstrations of affection. Their claims for leaving aside this sign can be common.


How is CAPRICORN with their friends?

This sign presents a superior level of loyalty, valuing highly their friendships. They do not have a constant bond, nor do they like to be very present (something that happens with their partners as well). Accepting him as he is is the secret of success in cultivating a deep bond. At times he wants to socialize, at others he wants to be alone and communicates very little with those around him. His tranquility is often mistaken for aloofness, but make no mistake and don't shy away from this sign.

How is AQUARIUS with his friends?

This sign is completely given to friendship and admires his friends very much. Their authenticity and affection are the pillars of the bond. He is a little afraid of commitments, so sometimes he disappears for a while. He tries to maintain a certain flexibility, even if at the end of the day he does not manage to keep it firmly. Never think of betraying this sign because it will no longer trust your words. 

How is PISCES with their friends?

They are very sensitive and affectionate beings. They always want to share moments and outings, but they do not seek to be trapped or feel suffocated. They are always very attentive to their friends, valuing their mutual company. Talking and playing games will be a must, as they are a fun and sociable sign. Sometimes this sign is a little pessimistic and gets depressed in the face of difficulties: at which time you will have to appear with your friendship to support their spirits.

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