A Moment of Transformation and Reflection for Each Sign. Learn in the following how the energy of each sign will be affected.

In the vibrant astrological universe, each year offers us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the magic of eclipses, celestial phenomena that capture our attention and awaken our cosmic consciousness. In the year 2024, we prepare to inaugurate the eclipse season with a series of four events that promise to trigger powerful changes in the stellar firmament and in our earthly lives. Two solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses will follow one another throughout the year, each with its own energy and message for the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The first eclipse, a lunar eclipse, is scheduled for March 25, marking the beginning of this exciting celestial season. Although its shadow will be subtle, its energetic influence will pierce our hearts and minds, inviting us to tune in to its transformative power. In Argentina, this eclipse will be visible from any location, giving us the opportunity to witness this magical astronomical event in all its glory.

It is crucial to understand that the impact of an eclipse is not limited to its physical manifestation; rather, it is intertwined with the broader cosmic movements and unique dynamics of each natal chart. This eclipse, being a full Moon, marks the closing of a six-month cycle and establishes a cosmic dialogue with the series of eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis that will dominate the sky throughout the year. As the Moon sheds its gentle light upon us, it invites us to explore new layers of transformation and personal growth.

In addition, the exact position of the eclipse, in the 5th degree of Libra, highlights its particular influence on the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These signs will feel the impact more intensely, while for the rest, its effect will manifest in a more subtle but equally significant way. It is essential to explore how this eclipse activates different areas of our natal chart, from the zodiacal house in which it falls to the aspects it forms with other planets.


How the 2024 Full Moon Eclipse will Affect Each Zodiac Sign:


For Aries, this lunar eclipse is a call to work on aggressiveness and find a balance in the couple dynamics.


Taurus is immersed in an introspective stage, an ideal time to close cycles and say goodbye to what no longer adds up. Be careful with food and rest in this period of reflection.


Gemini rethinks its ties, both work and affective. It is a good time to honor and thank the friendships and relationships that are pillars in your life.


Professional ambition ignites in Cancer, but this lunar eclipse also underscores the importance of negotiation and strategy to achieve goals. On an emotional level, the emotional base of the natal chart is activated, and important conversations and necessary mourning may arise in the face of impending decisions.


Leo puts the magnifying glass on your relationships. It is a hinge moment to rethink how you relate to others, evaluating your willingness to give in and please. Communication with tact and diplomacy will be key in this period.

This lunar eclipse brings to light what is not good for Virgo. It is an invitation to detoxify neurosis and take care of mental health. The values in the natal chart are also activated, highlighting the importance of friendships, affections and work relationships as a network of support.

For Libra, the lunar eclipse in your sign is a confirmation that there are things that cannot be forced and that acceptance is fundamental. This event marks the end of a way of relating to life, with codependence, asking for a change of attitude to achieve healthier and truer bonds.

Scorpio has the opportunity to recalibrate during this lunar eclipse. It is recommended to establish a harmonious routine so that the energy flows better. On a personal level, the areas of the natal chart associated with endings are activated, bringing news of closings that begin to be tangible..


This lunar eclipse is a call for sensitivity and emotional registering in Sagittarius. It is a good time to own one's shadows and face them honestly.

Capricorn reflects on the role of family in your daily life. The eclipse may distort perception initially, but will later bring clarity and reality. The career zone in the natal chart is also illuminated, highlighting the importance of patience, as some processes take longer than expected.

Aquarius leans toward exploration and play during this lunar eclipse. It is part of a process that has been going on for a while and aims to take things more lightly and with more curiosity.

Pisces can no longer postpone the personal changes it needs to achieve greater balance in its daily life. The area of the natal chart associated with intimacy and sexuality is also activated. It is a good time to talk openly about desire and be encouraged to put it on the table.

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