How the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th will influence each sign of the zodiac.

The firmament gives us once again a celestial spectacle that not only illuminates our nights, but also awakens our internal and collective energy. The Full Moon, a magical event where the Sun and the Moon align in opposition, marks an energetic milestone that invites us to reflect, to grow and to manifest our deepest desires.

Next February 24th, 2024, at 12:30 U.T., we will encounter the Full Moon in Virgo, located at 05° 23' from the sign of the meticulous Virgo. This cosmic event, in its position opposite the Sun in Pisces, will unleash a series of influences that will affect various aspects of our lives, both personally and collectively.

Under the influence of this powerful Full Moon in Virgo, we are called to connect with our more practical and analytical side. Virgo, an earth sign, pushes us to be methodical, organized and detailed in our actions. However, the presence of the Sun in Pisces adds a touch of intuition and faith to the process, reminding us that we must also trust our inner wisdom.

It is an ideal time to visualize our desires and work with determination towards them, using a practical and disciplined approach. This Full Moon urges us to avoid distractions and superficial attitudes that can divert us from our path, reminding us of the importance of staying focused on our goals and objectives.

This period, which will extend for 28 days, stands out as a phase of manifestation and culmination. Everything we have sown months ago, especially during the New Moon in Virgo, begins to bear fruit. It is time to reap the results of our hard work and celebrate our achievements with gratitude and joy.

Let's take advantage of this cosmic energy to move forward with confidence and determination towards our biggest dreams.


Find out how the Full Moon in Virgo will affect each Zodiac Sign:

The Full Moon in Virgo will focus on your work and health. It's a propitious time to reap the fruits of your efforts in these areas and to initiate healthy habits.

This Full Moon will illuminate your romantic life and your relationships with children. Take advantage of this time to reconnect with your inner child and enjoy meaningful moments in these areas.

You will find yourself closing chapters in your intimate or family sphere, which may mean significant changes in your home or family dynamics.

Your communication and relationships with people close to you will be influenced, which can bring important outcomes or news. Pay attention to your words during this period.



The Full Moon will activate your economic sector, marking a key moment for the manifestation of financial goals. Evaluate your income and expenses and plan for the beginning of a new cycle of abundance.


This lunation will be especially significant for you, marking a period of self-affirmation and revelation of your personal progress. Make important decisions and act in accordance with your true essence.


It signals a favorable time for introspection and emotional healing. Take space to connect with your inner self and leave behind what no longer serves your growth.


Your social life and friendship relationships will be under the focus of this Full Moon. Pay attention to the influences of your social circle and avoid conflicts.



This lunar event will highlight your career and public aspirations. Be mindful of your public image and act with integrity during this period.


The Full Moon invites you to expand your vision and knowledge. Consider this time as an opportunity to explore new philosophies or cultures.


Personal transformation and the discovery of hidden truths are emphasized. It is a time of closure and rebirth, where it is crucial to let go of the old to make way for the new.


The influence of the Full Moon focuses on your closest relationships. It is a time to evaluate your shared projects and maintain harmony in your relationships.

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