At the moment we are experiencing an absolutely new situation. Our customs and routines have been modified and each sign has characteristics that make it live in one way or another. Do you want to know more?

Beyond that we will all put our best effort and spirit to go through this time in the best way, each sign has characteristics that make it live in one way or another. In his own style. With its facilities and setbacks. We will talk about that now so that it will be easier for you to understand those who live, work, and go through life at your side.

1. How do FIRE signs live isolation?

Aries: He locates in the situation, plans, and moves forward. They are very good organizers, they have authority and common sense. They will be calm because they are clear that everything will happen and they are looking for the best way to experience it. They have a lot of energy and must channel it. Ideally, they should exercise and get tired, because they don't always tolerate frustration well and can react impulsively. They need personal space, to feel comfortable. Let it be Aries, who will take the helm and take the ship to port.


Leo: It seems invulnerable at times, but it is not. His great sensitivity connects him to the world and others on unthinkable levels, but this also exhausts him sometimes. As he is strong and noble, he surely cannot help but worry about everyone, and he will shelter them in his spirit. They will miss going out, the sun, face-to-face contact with people, encounters with friends. They need inner peacetime, read, listen to music, and get plenty of rest..

Sagittarius: They will use the internet a lot, they need to be connected and see images that allow them to unleash their dreams. They love to travel and adventurous challenges, which at this time they can meet virtually. But the time will also come in handy to organize your things, your memories, and your home, create and invent. They can bring out their artistic side and draw or write. They have a lot of good energy and they transmit it, and they think that everything will be fine. Their optimism can be based on ignoring the risks, so sometimes they must remind them of the rules.


2. How do signs of EARTH live in isolation?

Taurus: He has no problems because his house is his kingdom. He is strong, protective, and practical. All excellent features in these times. Do not be too demanding or severe, because not everyone feels or lives this quarantine as you do. They like silence, and they will entertain themselves easily. Movies, reading, a comfortable place, and they will be fine. Do not isolate yourselves, maybe someone needs them around and Taurus has a little trouble communicating, stay alert.


Virgo: If they can continue their routines indoors, they will be fine. He is realistic, practical, and rational, and in this way, you will take your closure. In a practical way. You have an inner world that does not allow you to get bored, although you can get impatient if something does not go as planned. They don't panic, but they worry and find it difficult to share their feelings. Choosing artistic activities will surely make your isolation much more bearable.

Capricorn: One of the most thoughtful and hard-working signs. They are resistant and do not fear effort if something motivates them. They take responsibility and care for others. They should focus on not losing the sense of what they are doing in order not to be discouraged because they can be somewhat extreme in their moods. They can be extremely concerned and distressed, so it will be great if they are busy and work if possible. If you can't work from home, choose a project, but don't sit still.


3. How do AIR signs experience isolation?

Gemini: They are so dual that they will also face it this way. They speak and express themselves, this is easy for them, which is a great advantage. They are also curious, so it is rare that they get bored. They make themselves be loved and are generous, they will need contact with friends and affection, which will be through the networks. But sometimes they will feel sad and without energy, and they will feel that they cannot bear the situation, but it will not last long. This is where the affections play, which will sustain them and help them cope with the moment, which will soon pass.


Libra: Harmony and balance are the environments Libra chooses for their life, and so will they now. It will be difficult for you to accept it, but once you understand it, you will respect the rules. It is difficult for them to give up their social life, but since they have multiple interests, they will know how to make their days interesting. They do not like that others do not fulfill obligations or neglect the rules. Don't do it if you don't want to receive their anger. They will bear the running of the bulls with their usual elegance, it is a good example to follow.

Aquarius: He is witty and selfless. He is not so concerned with the material unless he is in charge of others. They are original, so they can find creative solutions to the crisis and manage it very well. They are not formal, they will look for explanations not common to reality, to search for their own answers. They won't show what they feel, nor will they see any cracks or weaknesses, but they do. It is not a sign that you can get bored, it has a very wide internal world.


4- How do WATER signs live in isolation?

Cancer: They do not tolerate confinement well. But they are variable and changing. At one point they will be happy and adapted, and at the other, they are desperate for the quarantine to end. They care about their loved ones. They move based on their emotions, they are sweet and loving and need affection. Apparently they are not noticed, because they find it difficult to prove it, they are cautious and think a lot. Physical exercise is very good for them because they get tired, and they generate endorphins.


Scorpio: They are quite uncompromising, leaders, and like to make decisions. They organize their quarantine activities alone. All those that have to do with the senses should not be missing. The enjoyment of a good meal, movies, and everything that Scorpio chooses to develop its well-being and pleasure. They don't like to be contradicted. If they are alone the nets will be their salvation. They don't like to isolate themselves.

Pisces: They will be very concerned about your friends and loved ones. They want to protect everyone. They are idealists and hope that the crisis will bring about changes in humanity. They must organize because they have a tendency to dispersion. If they don't burn energy on exercise, they will be in a very bad mood. They take refuge in fantasy, movies, and books are their allies. Without a structure, they can become disorganized, because they are somewhat lazy and complex. Build an activity grid and try to stick to it .

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