Attend to the new year party and get bored, it has happened to all of us. Or even worse, end up cornered watching everyone else have fun, being ignored by them. Sometimes we don't know how to integrate into groups that apparently are having a great time, and have fun and know a lot. Although everything is not always what it seems, we could give you some ideas so that you can integrate better to the fun, helped by the stars.

Social gatherings and the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) 

They have a lot of energy and are motivators for those around them. They have great social capacity, and in a meeting they are very likely to be remembered for their sympathy, conversation, style and charm. They do not go unnoticed even if they have not been the center, they will know how to say a fair word, or outline a gesture so that the person they are interested in remembers them.


Since sometimes they have too much energy, they may overflow, they cannot dose their delivery and they can exceed, or retract. They have no middle ground. They need to learn to observe and wait for the right time to intervene. Graduate their participation, because the fire that rules them can burn and burn out in a heartbeat.

Social gatherings and the signs of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

The water signs are great companions of outigs and celebrations, they are not conflictive, and they usually adapt very well to the programs. They tend to be complacent and like parties. Since they have a good capacity for dialogue, their strong point is knowing how to listen to others. And this is a much appreciated virtue in today's world. They connect easily with others, although sometimes they run the risk of taking a very passive attitude, and therefore be ignored.


They relate better to one or two people than in large groups, so in meetings with many people you will find them in small groups and not in the center of the action. They are imaginative, also intense and sensitive. Approaching a water sign at a party, it is guaranteed success if you are respectful and do not tire it with too much conversation, they also need to be heard. 

Social gatherings and Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius)  

Air signs love to communicate and interact with other people. They are happy at meetings and feel like a fish in the water. They are imaginative and have fun having delusional conversations, you will always see them in action at a meeting. They are also sometimes too mental or theoretical, the mind is their refuge and hiding place.


It is difficult to bring them to concrete reality, they are the ones who liven up the evening talking with everyone, but sometimes they are diluted in a maze of words. They love interaction so parties won't be a problem for them. You will find them in groups of friends, being the center of debates and jokes. Maybe they need to be reminded to give space to others in the exchange.

Social gatherings and Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn)

They are the most stable signs of the zodiac and are interested in safety and tranquility. They are very pragmatic, so in a meeting they must find the ground wire to feel comfortable. Surely they will not be among the most bustling unless they are hosts or have entered into very secure.


They will wait for the moment to intervene actively, until then they will observe from the periphery what happens. They are good companions of outings, and very reliable, but do not expect crazy things of them.

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