This type of lunar predictions will allow us to know what kind of emotions will be generated during the remaining 15 days of October.

To continue to guide us with the phases of the Moon and always focusing on the zodiac sign in which it transits, we can determine how the energies will be influenced in this second fortnight.

We can anticipate a little bit the type of energetic influences and what type of emotions will emerge when we encounter these lunar days.

Our reactions and decisions can often be prepared and anticipated thanks to an accurate prediction of the stars and their influences on our inner being.

Taking into account in which phase of the Moon and which sign it affects, you can receive key information to move forward with the rest of the month of October.


How will the Lunar energies be in the house of Leo?

From October 18th to 20th, 2022, the Moon in Leo will tinge the creative energies, giving rise to a field of exploration and expression of ideas and all that has to do with playfulness.

This transit will attract fun and different ways of having a good time. You must try to achieve all that you long for, quite a whim of Leo and as always, when your desire is not fulfilled, a dramatic storm begins over your feelings and thoughts. We should not exaggerate or demand attention these days for simple matters or that are not within reach.

We will have some tense days because of the movement of Uranus in the house of Taurus and Saturn over the house of Aquarius.

Perhaps we have many issues on our plate and that generates anxiety and stress.

Do not try to blame or throw mud at other people. Perhaps some scenarios and situations do not present themselves as we wish or desire. Balance and peace of mind will appear through our own creation of creative spaces.


How will the Lunar energies be in the house of Virgo?

Moving forward with the month, from October 20th to 22nd, 2022 we will feel the transit of the Sun over the house of Libra. The conjunction of the Sun with the planet Venus, known as "Venus Star Point", will show us a completion or culmination of a process that began nine or ten months ago, probably influencing your personal attachments.
The planet Pluto is in conjunction with the house of Capricorn. Implementing some changes will help you regain order and balance.
Information will appear that surrounds you and announces a profound energetic revolution. You must remain with your senses on fire in order to capitalize on every message provided by the universe.

How will the Lunar energies be in the house of Libra?

For the week of October 23rd to 25th, 2022 low energies will abound. Do not despair if you do not manage to rebound your energy the Moon in Libra looms next to the eclipse, with much energetic revolution. Then do not try to make sudden movements in your life, nor try to make profound decisions. Try to "surf" your days in the best possible way. 

We must always remember that eclipses are changes and moments of crisis: opportunities to change and evolve. 
The Moon in Libra will always try to balance everything, but it is part of your inner self to also work and seek peace. Remember that Venus will enter Scorpio these days, so we recommend breathing, yoga or guided meditations to regulate the prevailing energies


How will the Lunar energies be in the house of Scorpio?

October 25th to 27th, 2022 will remain very active as the eclipse bathes absolutely everything around you with its energies. Breathe, relax and try to contemplate what happens. Don't rush into analysis or deep thoughts these days.

Events and happenings will occur that will probably have some kind of outcome in the coming months, but these eclipse energies will initiate drastic changes in our lives.

The new cycle in the house of Scorpio invites us to review our past. Connecting with our inner self and with all that we learned and that we have yet to incorporate.

The evolution will seek to be in the relational plane, in our personal, work and family relationships.

How will the Lunar energies be in the house of Sagittarius?

Coming almost at the end of the month, from October 27 to 29, 2022, the Moon in the house of Sagittarius. It will be like a light among so much darkness. When the planet Mars begins to retrograde, with Mercury in the house of Libra, we will feel that slowly everything starts to fall back into place. 

The reactivation of the energies of the planet Mars in a few months will be the clear signal that you must make decisions. For the moment you must prepare yourself internally. Start to see your move and what cards you have. The decision in the future can be key to your life.


How will the Lunar energies be in the house of Capricorn?

By the end of the month, from October 29th to October 31st, 2022, changes will remain in your days. This Moon will allow us to streamline and channel ideas. Many productive energies, which will allow us to work without stopping to have fun.

The house of Scorpio is always complicated to transit. The eclipse will add a special spice for several days, accelerating some present situations and scenarios. The planet Mercury will also be entering the house of Scorpio, facilitating the communication of our inner thoughts and emotions.

The planet Jupiter returns to the house of Pisces, dyeing some aspects of your daily life with confusion. Remember also that the day of celebration of Halloween, the planet Mars retrogrades to the house of Gemini, accompanying us throughout the year.

The end of October will invite us to face those pending issues in life. Be it health issues, work, those thoughts that we omit to feel better: we will have an opportunity to take control of our life.

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