With our friends we can really be true entities of light, laugh, get angry and tell each other our deepest secrets. Find out with which signs you are more compatible in friendship in the following article.

When we often meet someone in life and get to know them in depth, we never know how far that bond can go. Maybe a professional relationship is built, or a love relationship, but maybe we also meet a really special person who symbolizes a unique and unrepeatable friendship.

Friendship is a very important part of our lives, an essential support without which we would feel lonely and disoriented.

With our friends we can be really sincere, we laugh, we travel, we get angry and we tell each other our deepest secrets. But what are you like as a friend? Here we tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each sign in friendship. You will be able to understand many of your friends' attitudes by knowing their astrological and energetic formation.


How is Aries in friendship?

The Arian is usually a friend to choose always, he is a friend and also unconditional. It works almost like a brother, including conflicts: you fight as if it were because he is very impulsive, has too much energy and does not measure his reactions. He is very exaggerated, this can be his Achilles heel.

How is TAURUS in friendship?

He is firm, secure, stable and extremely loyal. You can always trust him. Sometimes he is very reserved, he does not talk much about himself, but he knows how to keep secrets. His weak point is that he acts a little possessive, inflexible at times, but very, very reliable. He can be jealous and require a lot of attention.

How is Gemini in friendship?

They are fun, kind and generous. They are not very predictable and sometimes surprise us with unexpected reactions. They are very sensitive and somewhat changeable, so sometimes you don't know what to expect. They are a bit unstable emotionally, so sometimes they are happy and very optimistic and then the wind changes and they are oppressed by melancholy.


How is CANCER in friendship?

They are a bit cautious and don't give themselves away easily. Before trusting you, they will test you. But when they give themselves they do it with conviction and are very good company. They find it hard to take the initiative, and sometimes this can make you impatient. But it is a matter of having a little patience, because when they love you, they really love you.

How is LEO in friendship?

It is a great sign for friendship, but you play all or nothing. They are cheerful and generous, they know how to have a good time, and they are always ready to party. Of course, they like to be in charge and do not accept not to be taken into account. They are very demanding and set conditions, because in some subtle way, they need to be the center.

How is VIRGO in friendship?

Kind and always concerned about the welfare of the other. They are intelligent and refined, very demanding and self-critical. They are good companions, they take care of you and take care of everything, but sometimes they are very critical if something does not go as expected. Do not change their plans or fail them at the last minute. Very organized, they do not like risks, and rarely talk about their feelings.

How is LIBRA in friendship?

The soul of the parties, without standing out too much. They are elegant, have a special charm, are diplomatic, seductive, very sociable. It is someone you will not fail to invite, because you are guaranteed to have a good time. But sometimes it is difficult for them to decide and play for someone.


How is SCORPIO in friendship?

He tends to be unconditional, but he charges you for it. Because he is jealous and possessive, and can be very demanding. He is a pleasant companion, although it is difficult for him to give his affection. He is afraid to express his feelings because he suffers a lot if they hurt him. He likes to deal with people, is very sociable and also protective.

How is SAGITTARIUS in friendship?

It is a very generous, optimistic, adventurous and very loyal sign. He needs his friends like air, and knows how to respond to them. He is the one who will always be there when you need him, because he is also very supportive. But he needs to be loved, and sometimes he may feel that you leave him aside.

How is CAPRICORN in friendship?

He is very loyal and values his friends very much, but it is difficult for him to be constant, both in friendship and in love. He alternates cycles of sociability with others of withdrawal, in which he communicates little. He is talented and is usually quiet, but sometimes a little distant.

How is AQUARIUS in friendship?

He gives himself completely to his friends, but he needs to admire them. He is authentic, and very affectionate. He is a little afraid of commitments, so sometimes he disappears. He tries to be flexible, although it is difficult for him. Do not betray him, because he will not trust you again.


How is PISCES in friendship?

He or She is very sensitive and affectionate, he wants to share everything but not feel trapped. He is attentive to his friends and values them very much, he is also fun and sociable and nothing amuses him more than going out with them, even if sometimes it costs him a displeasure with his partner. Sometimes he is a little pessimistic and gets depressed in the face of difficulties, there you must support him.

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